Our annual Journal has now been sent out to all members.

The 2015 edition of the NZRA/Acupuncture NZ Journal has now been sent out to all members throughout the country. Containing many photos of different events and articles of interest to practitioners as well as to the general public, the magazine is a great addition to the reading material in everyone's waiting rooms. 

Articles about World Acupuncture Awareness Week, Peter Deadman's perspective on dry needling, acupuncture and ACC as well as a brief history of NZRA and a great article about the treatment of hypothyroidism means that there is something for everyone. Lots of photos too, from events throughout the last year.

The cover of the Journal is a copy of a watercolour on silk by Jifang Black. Originally from China, Jifang Black has a degree in Art History, and a diploma Of Fine Arts. After coming to New Zealand, Jifang was very inspired by Raymond Ching's bird paintings. In 2003 she met and studied with Janet Marshall, a very well-known New Zealand bird artist. Jifang is married to Nelson acupuncturist, John Black. Her first solo exhibition was in Nelson in January this year. Most of her paintings are sold to private collectors.

Additional copies of the Journal are available from the NZRA/Acupuncture NZ office.

Journal Cover