Acupuncture NZ (AcNZ) welcomes those who wish to join the largest professional body representing Acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Special Notice

The Acupuncture NZ Board have decided to waive the Membership Application fee from 21 February 2024 for those wishing to join AcNZ, until July 2024. (after which time this will be reviewed).
This is to support Chinese practitioners to join AcNZ and gain comprehensive professional body support.

Join Acupuncture NZ:

Read the Information for Applicants including ways Acupuncture NZ supports members.

Required Documentation

  1. A written application on the approved form

Acupuncture NZ Application for Membership

  1. A certified copy of one of the following photo identifications:
  • A current Passport.
  • A current New Zealand Driver License.
  • A current New Zealand Student ID.

If you have any questions, please contact the Acupuncture NZ office

All new graduates receive 50% discount of the fees for two years.

Information for Applicants

Application form

Acupuncture NZ Fees 2023

Student Membership

Students who are enrolled in a full time course of study may join Acupuncture NZ as Student Members. Student members pay no registration fee but must provide a letter from the school confirming their enrolment. The $125 application fee will be waived for those who have been Student Members of Acupuncture NZ for a minimum period of one calendar year when the time comes to upgrade to full membership.

Students Member Information

Student Application Form