The following great companies are our generous sponsors of this website. 

Sun Ten NZ Distributor Apollo
09 373 9988

Acu-Future Limited
0800 228 388

Acu-Future is the New Zealand representative and sole distributor for Suzhou Huanqiu Acupuncture needles and products. We are focussed on providing the best service with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, and are dedicated to supplying high quality acupuncture products at the best possible price. We back this up with ISO, CDE and FDA certifications for quality from the factory, giving us 100% guarantee on all products. Acupuncture needles, intradermal needles, facial needles, ear needles, moxa products, TCM equipment.

Herbs for Health
0800 100 482

Herbs for Health is your one stop shop for acupuncture supplies and TCM products. Our product range includes Hwato, Tai Chi, Power100, Seirin, Sensei and Dong Bang Needles along with a full range of acupuncture accessories. We also stock the Sun Herbal range of ChinaMed and Black Pearl formulas. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service and the highest quality products and believe our 25 years of experience in this industry is confirmation of our first-rate customer relationships

DongBang Oceania Ltd
021 823 199

Since its foundation in 1987, DongBang Acupuncture, Inc. has concentrated on production of the highest quality dongbang acupuncture needles. Part of the company’s vision is to supply the best needles to improve the quality of human life. To accomplish this we have developed advanced products and facilitated a high technology automated production line. 

Now most practitioners in hospitals and clinics who value the best quality needles are using DongBang acupuncture needles. We supply our products to over 25 countries.

Since 2011 DongBang Oceania, Ltd. Sales office has been supplying DongBang Acupuncture Needles (Oriental medical supplies) & MTS(Microneedle Therapy System) Cosmetic requirements in New Zealand and Australia (Oceania) with the best of service.

We endeavour to deliver even better quality and service in the future.

Eastern Healing Centre Ltd
09 5765766

The Highest Quality Herbal Granules in Taiwan!

 Single and Formulas, Clean, Green, Safe and Efficient!

Most Manufacturers grind crude herb powder directly into powder, then add starch to 20% or more. This process can still remain heavy metal residues and toxins, may cause microbial contamination risk.

Shengfoong company recognizing these problem, was established in 1989 with the specific mission to develop genuine Chinese medicine concentrates that do not contain crude powders.

We use leading world production technologies to develop TCM in highly concentrated form and guarantee our products meet E.P / U.S.P / J.P standards.

Supplier: Eastern Healing Centre Ltd - Purchase online

Acupuncture Office
0800 826 285

Features of Acupuncture Office: 

1) The office management software exclusively designed for New Zealand Acupuncture clinics
2) Fully certificated by New Zealand major Acupuncture Associations and Acupuncture School
3) Approved by ACC, IRD (GST&PAYE) and Insurance companies 
4) Simplifies medical history safeguards
5) Efficiently deals with patients and locates medical history
6) Largely decreases the management workload and saves paper consumption
7) Affordable fees
8) Able to collect various complicated statistical reports
9) Able to generate detailed financial reports to your accountant, and
therefore saves accounting expenses
10) Able to automatically calculate GST, remuneration and Payroll reports
11) Able to automatically make a claims to and receive reports from ACC Electronic Network System 
12) ElectronicACC32 form to send to ACC without patient signature.
13) Regularly updated, able to keep up with latest diagnosis codes and valid number of treatments or other changes that are introduced by ACC 
14) Able to automatically send promotional messages to client’s mobile phone or email

Nature NZ Company Ltd
09 276 1183

Herbal Powder

We are the sole distributor in New Zealand of Tianjiang herbal power, which can compare with the same kind products for its stable quality, efficiency and safety in New Zealand also in China. We have become the biggest provider of Herbal Powder in New Zealand.

Acupuncture Needs

We are the sole distributor in New Zealand of Energy acupuncture needles which are made from good quality great toughness stainless steel, with sharp needle tip without pain, and in a lower price. We also supply other acupuncture needs: Medical-use electrodes, cups, plum blossom needles, alcohol pads, moxa sticks and other produces with high quality have ISO13485 and ISO9001 international quality certificate.