StartTime: Sat 29 January 2011 9:30 am
Location: Auckland

Manual Muscle Testing for the Acupuncturist

Instructor: Matt Callison

Date: 29-30 January 2010

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Venue: Wellpark College of Natural Medicine, 6 Francis Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

NZRA CPD 12 Hours approved

Costs:   NZRA Members          $325.00

            Non-NZRA Members   $350.00

            Students                        $300.00

 Course Content

MMT and other specific orthopedic examinations will be taught that identify muscle imbalance and cause injury. These assessment techniques are an integral part of differential diagnosis.

MMT is performed to identify and evaluate the integrity of the contractile tissue and the muscle's capability of providing support and stability. Learn why a muscle is weak and how to turn the muscle back on with innovative acupuncture needling techniques.

Learn how to identify muscle/tendon injury. MMT will identify the injured tissue therefore providing the practitioner with an accurate assessment of location of the involved muscle/tendon and the affected acupuncture meridian to treat.

This workshop will focus on the anatomy, palpation and the fundamentals of MMT for muscles acting on the neck, shoulder, low back, hip and knee.

Innovative treatment protocols will be demonstrated and practiced consisting of needle techniques to the involved motor and Huatuojiaji points to balance the musculoskeletal system. Direct moxibustion techniques to the injured tendon and myofascial release techniques the injured tissue for long lasting results.

The experience of this workshop will refine your assessment and treatment skills, expand your knowledge of muscle balancing using acupuncture techniques and greatly enhance the success rate in identifying and treating muscle/tendon injuries.

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