Following extensive investigation by members of the NZRA Council, NZRA has agreed to partner with Insuranve-Online to offer members several different insurance options.

NZRA has partnered with Insurance-online, in association with Partners Life, to create a value proposition for our members and their families, making this a good option for your Personal and Business Life Insurance needs.

The offer provides a substantially discounted premium which saves you up to 20% and offers benefits that are specifically relevant for our industry. In addition, after 2 years of holding a policy with Partners Life you will get a further 1% discount each year up to 10%, which potentially gives you a total discount of 30% off market rate.

Insurance-online advisers also specialise in ACC Cover Plus Extra, which can help you to reduce levies whilst ensuring you have the best available Insurance Products that work in line with your ACC cover.

Combining the discounted Insurance Premiums for members and reduced ACC levies means you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year, which seems like a great option for NZRA.

Products available to you at the NZRA discounted rate are: -

  • Income Protection
  • Medical Insurance
  • Trauma, Total Permanent Disability and Life Cover
  • Business Covers and Revenue Replacements Cover

The first thing Insurance-online advisers will do is a full analysis of your risk and ACC cover, before offering a tailored plan which ensures you have the best available cover for your circumstances while considering the discounted rates available to you.

There are some great product features available with this offering. For example, many of you will have Income Protection cover in place with 4, 8 or 13 week stand downs – if you broke a leg or arm it is unlikely you would to be off work for that length of time, yet it would still impact your business financially. Partners Life’s Specific Injury Benefit pays you a lump sum on diagnosis of a fracture even if you are still able to work. This allows you to access extra funds to bring a locum into your practise to keep the business going or replace lost revenue.

They also include a Dependant Relative benefit under your Income Protection cover at no charge which allows you to take time out to look after a dependant relative if you need to and claim on your Income Protection for up to 6 months.

The Own Occupation Total Permanent Disability allows you to be paid out if you are unable to return to your occupational role as an Acupuncturist and is also built into their Trauma cover as a benefit.

In addition, Insurance-online and Partners Life also offer $50,000 worth of Free Trauma Cover for each of your children between age 2 and 18 under your Trauma cover, and have Claims Wording that says “If it is Grey they will pay”, which gives you certainty that should you need to claim you will be treated fairly and with respect.

Over the next few months Insurance-online will release more information on what they can do for you.

In the meantime, if you would like a review of your Insurances, give them a call on 06 3530885 or visit their website for more information.