Master Xi Xiao Feng

StartTime: Sat 17 August 2019 9:00 am
Location: Christchurch

is a teacher of international repute, being regarded as one of the leading practitioners and teachers of Zhineng Qigong with over 20 years teaching experience. He resides in China but now teaches internationally. Zhineng Qigong is the most widely practiced form of qigong in the world. It is a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and practice and can bring powerful healing effects.  

Christchurch 17th  (9.00am to 8.30pm) to 18th August (9.00am to 4.00pm)

Course benefits

As acupuncturists, the key ingredient for assisting others in their healing process is qi. In order to be truly effective, we must always be working on our understanding of qi. This is a wonderful opportunity for acupuncturists to cultivate our own qi and health, and develop our ability to sense and work with qi with our clients. Having a regular practice of qigong and combining acupuncture with qigong healing will strengthen you as an acupuncturist and enhance treatment outcomes. The course is suitable for beginners through to advanced qigong students and anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding and practice of qigong. 

The Christchurch workshop is approved for 12 hours CPD by the NZRA, and the Wellington workshop is approved for 24 hours.

Outline of Course Content

1.     Zhineng Qigong Theory.

2.     Adjust body, qi and shen to improve one's own physical and mental state.

3.     Practice experiencing the feeling of external qi and learn to gather and send qi for                                healing.

4.     Learn/practice Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down to enhance one's qi and better sense and                       direct qi in self and others.

5.     Learn/practice methods to free up blockages and improve the flow of qi and blood in the body.

6.     Learn/practice how to build a qi field for healing and good health.

7.     Learn how to better relax the mind and body.

8.     Learn how to concentrate the mind and use it to heal.

9.     Learn (from a qigong perspective) how to live more in the present moment and                      experience a state of pure consciousness. 

Christchurch 17th to 18th August

  • This will be held at Diamond Harbour Community Hall on the Banks Peninsula.
  • Local accommodation has been arranged at around half the standard online price.
  • Early-bird cost is $220 if paid before 17th July; then the full registration fee is $250. 
  • For Registration and further details please go to

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