SA-AM Oriental Medicine Theory.

StartTime: Sun 26 February 2017 1:00 pm
Location: Wellington

The founder, SA-AM, created SA-AM Oriental Medicine Theory in Cho-Sun Dynasty and he is one of the Greatest Oriental Medicine Teacher in the history. It was re-discovered in 1980's by Teacher Kim, Hongkyoung then it became the most popular theory in Korea. We will watch videos about Yin-Yang and Five Xing theories through Teacher Kim, Hongkyoung's perspective and explanation, then discuss about how we can apply to real treatment. • Organiser’s Name: Woosik Chung • Location: HAN Oriental Clinic, First Floor, Johnsonville Medical Centre, 24 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville, Wellington. • Time: 4 hours - 13:00 ~ 17:00 - 3 sets of 40 mins video + 30 mins discussion + 10 min break • Length of CPD Hours: 4 Hours • Material: Video(Korean) and Discussion • Language: Korean • Subject: Discussion about what kind of relative treatments and advice that is applied Yin-Yang and Five Xing theory the practioner can give to the patients and how we can apply in realistic by Teacher Kim, Hongkyoung's perspective and explanation - 금오 김홍경선생님의 음양관에 의한 상대적 치료원리와 음식요리 철학의 음양관에 대한 강의 및 오행상생상극의 원리에 관한 강의를 듣고 사암 침법을 사용하여 치료에 적용하는 방법에 관한 토론 1. Relative Treatment by Yin-Yang Theory 2. Applied Yin-Yang Theory in Philosophy of Dietary 3. Various Application of Five Xing Theory • The cost is free but seats are limited. Please book through email or txt. • Contact: Woosik Chung( 021-830-105)