From Thursday 16 to Wednesday 23 Nov 2017

StartTime: Fri 17 November 2017 10:00 am
Location: Christchurch

The Venue is: The office reception at The Old (Central New Brighton) School, Te Kura Tawhito, 140 Seaview Road, New Brighton, right next to the Roy Stokes Hall.

Here is a link to The Old School Te Kura Tawhito, on Facebook.   

Reception is in the middle of the main office block of the school, and has easy pedestrian access from Seaview road.  

For WAAW, we would aim to have the couch clinic open during the day 10-2/3pm and early evenings 4-6/5-7pm on days where there are already established activities in the area such as Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The venue has rooms available to do a talk.  By opening in the evenings, we could catch the night classes - sewing, artist talks, family violence, life drawing, yoga and meditation

The school has many groups operating different classes, and I have listed the current programmes, so if anyone has any speciality skills they'd like to provide (like Tai Qi/Qi gong classes outside on the courts!) you know what else is on.

Fri 17 - sewing group 10-2, yoga at 12pm.

Sat 18 - art group 10-3, Seaside Market 10-3 (at the pier end of the mall)

Sun19 - sewing group 10-3

Mon 20 - sewing group 10-2, yoga 6:30pm

Tues 21 - Bumps n Bubs 10:30am-12pm (pregnancy help), sewing and art groups 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Wed 23 - sewing group 10am-2pm, Buddhist meditation 6-7:15pm

If you are interested in being involved with the community clinic, please contact Sophie Gold at

the date and time you would be able to participate. 


Sophie Gold
Acupuncture Gold