Tsuyoshi Shimamura

StartTime: Fri 01 March 2019 9:00 am
Location: Auckland

This is an essential seminar for improving your clinical results using clinically effective Japanese Acupuncture diagnostics and treatment techniques taught by the final apprentice of the revered Japanese acupuncture Master-  Master Nagano

New Zealand has asked and Qiology has answered.

Practitioners asked for Japanese Acupuncture seminars, and practitioners asked for high quality presenters. Practitioners asked for quality CPD with international presenters available in New Zealand, at a reasonable price.

Qiology is therefore bringing a Sensei from Japan to New Zealand, which is a big deal! Going to the source is what it is all about!
We hope you can encourage us to do it more often!

We look forward very much to practitioners attending these highly anticipated events in Auckland with Shimamura Sensei in March 2019, and you are of course welcomed to attend in Sydney too if you would like a small business trip to Sydney in February instead.

Qi > Blood > Water: Palpation Diagnostics & Order of Treatment in Clinically Effective Japanese Acupuncture

Presented by Tsuyoshi Shimamura
No Prerequisite
Sydney (Australia):
Mon 25th – Tues 26th February 2019
Auckland (NZ):
Fri 1st – Sat 2nd March 2019 (9am-6pm Daily)
Hands-on: 50% | Lecture & Demonstration 50%
Practitioner Price: AUD$600 GST Free
Student Price: AUD$500 GST Free
(Please note that Sydney course will incur Australian GST)  

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This is an essential seminar for improving your clinical results using clinically effective Japanese Acupuncture diagnostics and treatment techniques.

Shimamura Sensei will teach and demonstrate a variety of diagnostics, acupuncture techniques & patient recommendations specific to the methods learned during his apprenticeship with the late Master Nagano, and 20+ years of clinical experience.

Hands-on, Lecture and demonstration will focus on treating constitutionally, as well as specific focus areas and peculiar treatment methods based on a variety of presenting conditions.

Topics to be covered include Constitutional Treatment:

*The importance of correct constitutional treatment through correct diagnosis in order to achieve out- standing clinical results in all patients.
*Model of the “Tree of Life”: Shimamura Sensei will explain his acupuncture theoretical model to frame his clinical experience and explain constitutional treatment principles.
*Using palpation techniques to accurately diagnose, to inform constitutional treatment.
*How to apply Stomach Qi treatment and Kidney treatment based on the constitutional presentation of patients.
*Treating the Diaphragm: A Master Balancing Method for the body- Diagnosis + Treatment of this poorly understood but vitally important area of the body.
*Demonstration of how to apply Specific Stomach Qi treatment: St Qi Line + CV 12 (Needling + Manual Technique).
*Order of treatment: Stomach Qi > Kidney Qi > Liver Blood > Water
*Central Theme: Strengthen the Foundational Qi, Prenatal Qi and Postnatal Qi.

Condition Specific Treatment:

*Which treatment principles/approaches and point selections may be used for specific health issues and their differing presentations.
*Unique Point combinations from Master Nagano’s clinical experience.
*Immune Essentials- Unique treatment methodologies and point selections.
*Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
*Special Focus Areas of Sydney Seminar:
Conditions/Injuries relating to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Sports Injuries, falls, impact injuries and trauma.

*Special Focus Areas of Auckland Seminar:
Insomnia, Anxiety, Menopausal Mood Disorders, Psycho-emotional Disorders

Other Techniques:

*Diagnostic and needling techniques that are quick to learn and easy to implement instantly in clinic.
*Acupuncture Techniques of contact needling and insertion techniques.
*Application of Moxa
*Palpation: Abdomen, Legs & more
*Tongue diagnosis

Attendees will be given the unique opportunity of learning foundations of treatment and diagnostic methods, and importantly the order of how Shimamura Sensei treats a large variety of conditions, which is seldom taught in Acupuncture today.

This seminar is restricted to Acupuncture Practitioners and Students

Auckland Venue:

New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine: 382c Manukau Rd, Epsom 1023 (Auckland), New Zealand