Physiology, functions and clinical application of Hand Yangming Large Intestine Channel

StartTime: Sat 14 November 2020 1:00 pm
Location: Auckland

This is the 2nd Seminar of a series of multiple seminars which are being held on a regular basis for a few years to come to successfully deliver Sa-Am Acupuncture to our members. Sa-Am acupuncture is traditional Korean acupuncture. The majority of Korean acupuncturists are partially or wholly applying this method in their practice. It has been actively developing through research and clinical practice by a large number of practitioners predominantly in Korea but also throughout the world. However, few non-Korean acupuncturists are actively applying Sa-Am acupuncture because they have not had a chance to learn or understand it. These seminars will be an excellent opportunity to learn about Sa-Am acupuncture. All members are welcome to make most of these unique opportunities.


  • Subject: Physiology, functions and clinical application of Hand Yangming Large Intestine Channel.
  • Speaker: San Yeom (Acupuncture NZ)
  • Language: English
  • CPD 5 hours approved (Acupuncture NZ)
  • Time & Date: 1pm to 6pm, Saturday, 14 Nov 2020
  • Venue:  NZ International Education Academy

540E Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland

(Entrance is beside the coffee shop on the east side of the plaza. Onsite free parking)

  • Donation: $50 (payment by direct banking)
  • Application: Email to with your full name and intention of attendance.


San Yeom is not a master in Sa-Am acupuncture. However, he has been committed to Sa-Am acupuncture for the last 17 years. He is currently sharing his knowledge and experiences with those members sincerely interested in Sa-Am acupuncture. His goal is to help our members have an opportunity to learn about Sa-Am acupuncture and be rewarded with a better understanding and successful clinical application of it.

Sa-Am acupuncture is not just a part of acupuncture but a comprehensive system of acupuncture. It will be one of the both wings of a bird if it is well understood and applied.


All the best

San Yeom

NZ Sa-Am Acupuncture Institute