Simple Natural Ways to Optimize Maternal Enjoyment

StartTime: Sat 28 July 2018 9:00 am
Location: Auckland

Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth & Beyond is the start of the 5 initiations  more on the page online .. The practical work is based on the clinically proven (and in Gloriavale over the past decade) and in all who take this work to their own clinics - pelvic opening home help moves found in What Dads Can Do (Heather Bruce) pub 2005. PP-EB-Flyer-Auckland-.pdf

Provided as pre course info along with the 2 MP4 files on Massage and Birthing in the WDCD tradition.

Painless Pregnancy as with any courses now provided:

All are in three part - the pre workshop

The actual' - (hands-on), Post course mentoring on to certification, The pre course is here. (Plus the WDCD eVersion)



28-29th July


Australian $500 

Included in pre payment:

Instant start with the Self Care packages and start manifesting huge shifts in clinic and your own body immediately.

Extra info - on the hands-on courses

(Move the lymph to free the Qi) 

On the online handing over (mastery of self through understanding Qi and clearing self)

Any queries - please ask  ..I am on +61 3899 2274

Heather Bruce

Transformative Energy Body Worker
Founder of Heather's Gentling Way

Accredited Mercier therapist
Arvigo® /Maya Self Care teacher,
Certificated and Pregnancy Arvigo® worker

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