with Cameron Tukapua

StartTime: Fri 15 March 2019 7:00 pm
Location: Mt Hutt

NOURISHING ROOTS - Outline for Acupuncture NZ people

Designed to rejuvenate and refresh all levels - Heart mind, body and soul - this training blends TCM theory with restorative Yoga practices. Using simple body centred meditation we open and activate deep meridian flows to nourish the internal organs. Learning to listen to our bodies and drop down deep inside supports the rejuvenation of Yin, which settles and calms the mind 

Starting with an enquiry into Jing - our Source - we look at how to gather, flow, presence, ground, nurture and open up to true nature. We examine restful ways to nourish the conservation and flow of vital substances as the core of self-care. You will take home simple prescriptions for holistic well-being you can easily share with those who seek healing. 

Nourishing Roots is a 7-step personal self-empowerment pathway - coming from a fusion of two holistic medical traditions - TCM and Yoga. It can be used the help people explore their spiritual self-identity from the bones up - supporting people to live grounded spiritual lives. The learning is through interactive sharing - connection with others and rest practices involving supported prone body positions, many are useful for the clinic. The teachings can offer an affordable alternative to one to one treatment eg gather some clients and offer healing sessions for groups of people. 


Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine practitioner who brings to light a spiritual focus on TCM teachings. Her current practice is pioneering new healing models that encourage group healing through shared Self enquiry, body centred meditation, open self-expression.

LU WARREN Lu is a chiropractor, Chinese medicine practitioner and Yoga teacher passionate about empowering people to come into full expression Heart-mind body and soul. 

Cameron was Owner-Director of Christchurch College of Holistic Healing - an NZQA registered Acupuncture training College, she brings 2 decades clinical and teaching experience to her role                                                                                        

‘I believe that many of the mental health challenges affecting people in our world today can be readily solved with simple self-care. As we know generalised Shen disturbance with fragmented concentration, lack of grounding, anxiety and depression - can in many cases be easily remedied. At the root of many mental health problems are weakness of Yin and blood, repressed emotions and digestive weakness. Escalating anxiety is a barometer of our growing social problems - a symptom of a wider collective distress. As a profession TCM has a lot to offer the high need area of mental health care. Empowering people to put the mind in the body and live from present time forward is the essence of Nourishing Roots. This course offers a map of the body-mind-universe relationship with reference points for helping people see, nourish and BE their true self’ 

MT Hutt Retreat 15 - 17 March - Weekend retreat. Starts Friday 7pm, finishes Sunday 4pm.  

Fee: $525      Early bird registration by 1 February 2019 - $450       15 hours CPD Approved by AcNZ


+64 27 588-5886 e: camerontukapua@youbeingyou.org www.camerontukapua.com