StartTime: Sat 19 March 2022 9:00 am
Location: Auckland

9am - 6pm
8hrs CPD Workshop, Cost $100

Held at 

New Zealand International Education Academy

540E Mount Albert Road Three Kings Plaza, Three Kings Auckland 

(enter between Barber and City Fitness gym side of Plaza not Countdown side) 


Workshops are: 

Saturday 19th March 2022  9am - 6pm 

Approved by Acupuncture NZ 8hrs CPD

Pain Management- Various types of headaches (including migraines) by Bill Lee. 9am-12pm (3hrs)

The Theory of YiJing and Its Application in TCM by Maria Guo. 1pm-3pm (2hrs)

Tai Chi Exercise by Yuxia You 3pm-4pm (1hr)

Herb medicine cooking with food by Selina Sha. 4pm-6pm (2hrs)

New Zealand Internal Energy And Health Preservation Association Incorporated is proud to bring together a Wonderful weekend of Learning with 8 hours of Chinese Medicine education. . Topics will help to further enhance what you may already know or even teach you something new to improve your own skills.

TCM doctor Bill Lee will share his experience about Acupuncture treatment for headache in the morning; then TCM doctor Maria Guo will share her understanding of YiJing Theory apply in TCM in the afternoon; after that we will going to outside doing Tai Chi Shu Huai Jian Exercise in the green grass; then we will come back classroom leaning herb medicine cooking in the food with TCM doctor Selina Sha, and enjoy the meal.

Tai Chi Shu Huai Jian Guanyin Palm: It is a combination of Tai Chi and dance, guided by the yin and yang, five elements and viscera meridian theory of Chinese medicine, through regulating the heart, the breath and the body, relaxing the whole body and mind, to invigorate the body and bring the yin and yang balance.

Our aim is for each person to improve their knowledge and be more confident in their abilities as a Acupuncturist.


Bill Lee (Member of NZASA)

Studied at Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He Completed his BHSc at the New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine(NZCCM). -Member of NZASA and NZCMAS. Bill is a Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist, who is a pre-eminent expert in the specialised system of Master Tung’s Acupoints (Since 1967~) Bill has been practiced in various different countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Canada and New Zealand. Bill currently serves as a clinical supervisor in the NZCCM. Bill is the president of Bill’s H C (since 1997) and Li Ji Healing Centre Ltd. Since 2011- as present.

Maria Guo (Member of NZASA)


1983-1987: Bachelor of English language and Literature Degree in Guangxi Teacher’s University

2014-2017: Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) Degree in New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine 

June 2020-now: Acupuncturist in Energy Therapy Centre

July 2017-May 2020: Acupuncturist in Tommy’s Clinic

Yu Yuxia (Coach of Shu Huai Jian, NZ)

Coach Yuxia You, learning from Master Junchang Zhu, the founder of Tai Chi Shu Huai Jian, has not only cured her lumbar disc hyperplasia, but also helped many learners achieve physical fitness after studying and teaching Shu Huai Jian for more than ten years. The effect is well received by the community. She has been invited by local media and participated in various large-scale performances many times.

Ying Selina Sha (Member of RNZTCMPI)

Selina Sha have got Bachelor of Health Science degree at New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine at 2011, Member of RNZTCMPI. Dr Sha has been set up Energy Therapy Center & Yi Jing Tang Clinic. During thirteen years of practise, Dr Sha has been treated thousands and thousands of patients, have got very good reputation and helping a lot of people for their health issue.

Please deposit Workshop Fee to: NZIEA Account: 06-0145-0735091-00 (use your name as reference)

Contact: Selina Sha 09 -624-5359 email: nziea21@hotmail.com

Add: 540E Mount Albert Road Three Kings Plaza, Three Kings Auckland 

(enter between Barber and City Fitness gym side of Plaza not Countdown side)