StartTime: Sun 04 December 2022 9:00 am
Location: Auckland

Held at:
New Zealand Internal Energy and Health Preservation Association Incorporated

Workshops are:

4th December 2022 Sunday 9am - 6pm (8hrs) CPD

● 9am-12pm (3hrs): How to use traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture to treat
human cardiovascular and stroke by Bill Lee.

● 1pm-4pm (3hrs): The quantum healing apply to TCM to resolve body, mind and spirit
ailments by Maria Guo.

● 4:30pm-6pm (1.5hr): Tai chi “ Ba Duan Jin” Exercise by Li Fang.

Please deposit Workshop Fee to: NZ International Energy And Health
Preservation Association Incorporated (NZIEAHPAI)
Account: 01-0171-0552432-00 (use your name as reference)

Early Bird pay before 21 November 2022

4th December 2022 Sunday 9am - 6pm 8hrs , Cost $110

Contact: Candice Chu 09-624-6688

Address: 540E Mount Albert Road Three Kings Plaza, Three Kings Auckland
(enter between Barber and City Fitness gym side of Plaza not Countdown side