Observations, Diagnostics and Treatment strategies

StartTime: Sun 08 November 2020 11:00 am
Location: Webinar

Presented by: Tsuyoshi Shimamura + Seishiro Hokazono (Interpreter)- Japanese/English Webinar

November 8th Sunday @ 11 AM in Auckland (NZ) time

Online: Hosted in Sydney, Australia and broadcast from Oita, Japan and Corvallis, USA
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At the beginning of October 2020, it was estimated by the World Health Organisation that up 10% of the world’s population may have contracted SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19.  

The world is quite a different place at the moment, and a lot of people have not been able to be socially or physically active due to government-based restrictions.

This situation deprives us of necessary activities that keep our body functional and lead to various kinds of disharmony.

 By the end of this webinar, we will be familiar with these topics, and more:

  • The new trends in chief complaints of our patients during the current Global Situation. 
  • What happens to the body when restrictions are placed on a whole society? How do we understand this through the lens of Oriental Medicine?
  • Treatment of issues arising from a more sedentary lifestyle.

Please note that those who register for the webinar, will also be given access to the recording of the webinar, which will be posted on Qiology's online learning system the week after the event.

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A free online learning opportunity for those wishing to understand the latest trends in patient disharmony that have been produced in the “COVID-19 Era” due to lifestyle and physical activity changes in our society. A unique opportunity to learn important developments in how we need to treat our patients during these times, from a world class Japanese acupuncture instructor. Must attend!

Peter Scarselletti