‘A Perfect Complement’ to Acupuncture

StartTime: Sat 02 February 2019 9:30 am
Location: Auckland

-  Beginners’ Course - 

Have you ever been disappointed or even frustrated by some conditions that do not improve?  Learn this unique, effective and powerful technique with Don. Just after this Beginners’ course you will find that this special technique can be ‘A Perfect Complement’ to Acupuncture like Yin & Yang. Straight after the courses (Beginners and intermediate) you will enjoy much practical benefits for a variety of conditions muscular, internal, neurological, women’s, psychological, even in emergency conditions.

Come and see why this is so!  

Name of event: Korean Hand Acupuncture

Presenter / Contact person: Don Kim*

Organisation/Provider:  Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness CENTRE

Location: New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM; 382 Manukau Rd, Epsom, Auckland.

Date: 2nd February 2019 (Beginners’ course) (Intermediate course is on 6th April 2019)

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Total Hours of CPD: 6 hours (inc. 1 hour of pre-study)                                               

Costs for Beginners’ Course: $250.00 (including 2 kinds of workbook hard copy and e version)

Pay By:

  • Direct credit (Use full name plus Registration No as reference)

Bank Account name: Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness CENTRE

Bank Account number: 12 3159 0102475 00 

Please register here http://www.handacupuncturecourses.com/registration.php

This course is for acupuncturists (AcNZ) and acupuncture school students.

Seats are limited. So please check availability with Don before payment.

Once you register online and make full payment your attendance is confirmed, and e version workbook is sent.

Please note that you can choose any date for Beginners’ course in my website. But Intermediate course on April 6 is solely for acupuncturists

Please note that ‘Intermediate course’ is scheduled on April 6 for CPD hours sake and you can secure your place by paying $50 of nonrefundable deposit. 

Day 1 - Beginners' Course (Feb. 2)

Ⅰ. Introduction & Correspondence Therapy  

  1. What is ‘Korean Hand Acupuncture’? 

  2. The characteristics and benefits of Korean Hand Acupuncture  

    1) Some success stories  

    2) Unique features

    3. Correspondence Therapy  

    1) Body / Hand  

      2) Internal Organs / Hand    

      3) Corresponding points (hand) / Corresponding parts (body)  

    4. Korean Hand Acupuncture tools 

    1) Korean Hand Acupuncture Kit  

    2) How to use Korean Hand Acupuncture tools?

 - Needles, Press Pellets, Lancet Pen, Dual Probe, Moxa Stick, E Beam, Rings  

  5. Precautions for Korean Hand Acupuncture  

    6. Q & A                 

Ⅱ. Bloodletting Method & Korean Hand Moxa Therapy 

 1. Bloodletting Method 

    1) Bloodletting on corresponding points  

    2) Emergency conditions     

    3) Acute conditions  

   2. Korean Hand Moxa Therapy 

    1) General well-being - over 30 min on each hand / everyday  

    2) Internal conditions – Not severe

    3) Internal conditions – Severe  

 3. Q & A and Case studies 

⊙ Useful Tips 1    

   1. Self treatment 

    1) Hand roller 

    2) Moxa stick (for Hands) + Remaking moxa 

    3) Moxa stick (for Body) 

    4) Toilet moxa  

 Day 2 - Intermediate Course (April 6)

 Ⅲ. Micro-meridian Therapy 1  

   1. Basic terminology     

   2. Micro-meridian Therapy 1  

     1) What are ‘Micro-meridians’?  

     2) Classical Meridian / Micro Meridian  

     3) Basic understanding and Point locations of 14 meridians & 14 micro-meridians  

   3. Q & A                  

 Ⅳ. Micro-meridian Therapy 2  

 1. Micro-meridian Therapy 2 

     4) Stimulation of micro-meridians  

      4-1) Simple stimulation  

      4-2) Tonification and sedation

       4-2-1) 2 Experiments on tonification and sedation  

       4-2-2) Methods of tonification and sedation  

     5) Application of each micro-meridian 

   2. Q & A                     

 Ⅴ. Prescriptions for various conditions    

   1. Prescriptions for some common conditions 

   2. Emergency conditions 

   3. First aid treatment for children's conditions 

   4. Q & A and Case studies   

Who is Don Kim?

NZ qualified acupuncturist, AcNZ


Dip. Ac & O.M. - Int'l O.M. Therapy Developing Institute (Korea)

Nat'l Dip. Ac - New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine (New Zealand)

BPs - Yonsei University (Korea)

Certificates - Koryo Sooji (Korean Hand Acupuncture) Institute, Phil Health Management Centre, Int'l Institute of R.W.O. (Korea)


1987-2000: Learning and part time practicing Acupuncture, Chinese medicine & Korean Hand

                     acupuncture (including 6 months of training at a cancer clinic - Phil Health

                     Management Centre that treated most conditions including cancers just using


2000-2002: Founding Director of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine

2003-2004: Director of a sister school of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine

2005-2012: Oriental Acupuncture Clinic (Timaru, New Zealand)

2012-2018: Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (Queenstown, New Zealand)

2018- : Lecturer of Korean Hand acupuncture

(as of Dec. 14, 2018; 7 courses in Queenstown, Sydney and Auckland)


Please contact Don (Mob. 0276982136 / Email: oawcentre@hotmail.com) with any question.