A perfect complement to Acupuncture

StartTime: Sat 09 November 2019 9:30 am
Location: Christchurch

Easy to learn but most powerful! Come and see why this is so!


 9 Nov 2019  -   9.30am to 3.30pm
or   10 Nov 2019  -  9am to 3pm

Venue: to be confirmed 

Presented by Don Kim of the Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (NZ)
Acupuncture NZ has approved 5 hours CPD per day

Key factors in this course:
  • One of the most practically useful courses ever.
  • Excellent Microsystem
  • A perfect complement to Acupuncture
  • You can easily help many conditions that you used to struggle to improve by adding some simple techniques of KHA.
  • Very unique: one and only comprehensive course in NZ and Australia
  • Immediate practical benefits: You can get practical benefits straight after this 1 day course.
  • A wide range of conditions treated from muscular, internal, neurological, women’s, emergency, etc.
  • Strong (quite often Instant) pain relieving effects
  • Excellent self care methods not only for patients but for yourself
  • Useful pain free tools available
  • Global recognition

Don is a KHA specialist with over 30 years of experience. He is an acupuncturist and KHA teacher.

Go to 'http://www.handacupuncturecourses.co.nz/?page_id=33' to find out more about Don

Comprehensive and handy workbook (well sourced from 13 KHA books either in Korean or in English. You can download e version workbook to your phone and refer to it anytime anywhere.) Be more competent and competitive as a health practitioner
Certificate issued in a paper or electronic form

 Go to 'http://www.handacupuncturecourses.co.nz/?page_id=41for registration

 Seats are limited. (Please check availability with Don before payment.)


Cost: $285 (including e version workbook)

          ($370 for the same course in Australia.)

(EARLY BIRD RATE: If you pay $50 of non refundable deposit (Or $100 if you want to get e workbook straight away) by Oct.11, your fee will be $265.) 


Pay by bank transfer (Please put your name as reference)

Bank Account name: Don KIM        Bank Account number: 12 3159 0102475 00

Once you register online and pay $50 of non refundable deposit or full amount your  attendance is confirmed.  If you pay $100 of non refundable deposit or full amount e version workbook is immediately sent out too.

For additional information go to:  Korean-Hand-Acupuncture-Chch-Seminar-9-10-Nov-19-3.pdf