Presented by Felip Caudet

StartTime: Sun 24 May 2020 6:00 pm
Location: Webinar

Part 1: Moxibustion Theory + Technique
Sunday 24th  May 2020 | 4pm-8pm Sydney Time | 6pm-10pm Auckland Time | 8am-12pm Barcelona Time
4 Formal CPD Points*

Part 2: Palpation + Point Location in Moxibustion
Sunday 7th  June 2020 | 4pm-8pm Sydney Time | 6pm-10pm Auckland Time | 8am-12pm Barcelona Time
4 Formal CPD Points*

Online: Webinars- hosted in Sydney, Australia and broadcast from Barcelona, Spain

*Formal CPD Certificate for the 2 Part Series is provided at the completion of the mandatory Online CPD Quiz that is provided at the end of the webinar series.
This webinar series is particularly exciting as it provides the acupuncture/oriental medicine profession with a high-quality online opportunity to learn Japanese moxibustion methods, and skills from an international moxibustion instructor. It is commonly understood that moxibustion is an extremely powerful clinical tool, however, education in moxibustion at an undergraduate level is severely lacking.
This 2-part online course will provide you with a balance of theory and demonstration, and will also feature unique practical exercise sections where you will follow the guidance of the instructor with methods of technique development from your home or clinic. Each webinar will include downloadable seminar notes, and will also have a Q+A segment to have your important questions answered by the instructor in real-time. At the end of the 2 part series, you will be provided with a CPD quiz, and upon quiz completion, you will be provided with a formal CPD certificate.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the webinar series cover the 2 major pillars of Japanese moxibustion practice to give you the skillsets to craft effective moxibustion treatments (curriculum details below)

For optimal learning outcomes, all attendees must pay for and attend both webinars in the 2-part series.

AU$ 200 (Australian GST Free if purchased from NZ) for two-part Webinar series

Registration and Comprehensive Information:

“An excellent online learning opportunity for those wishing to study Japanese moxibustion. For those starting at the basics, or those wanting to take their current skillsets to the next level, Felip Caudet is the moxibustion instructor who can take you there. With this short and clinically applicable program, you can start making moxibustion one of your most powerful tools, for amazing clinical results.”

Peter Scarselletti

Part 1: Moxibustion Theory + Technique
Sunday 24th May 2020 | 4pm-8pm Sydney Time | 8am-12pm Barcelona Time 

o    Introduction to Japanese moxibustion (history, origin, styles, types of  techniques, direct and indirect moxibustion)
o    Specific materials (Yomogi and Mogusa), and grades of moxa
o    Varieties of moxibustion techniques
o    Energetic physiology and biochemistry of moxibustion.
o    Chinetsukyu (Heat Perception Cone Moxibustion) - treating surface levels
o    Rolling/forming Chinestukyu moxa cones. Characteristics (demo + exercise)
o    Tonetsukyu (Rice Grain Moxibustion)- treating deep levels
o    Rolling/forming Tonetsukyu moxa cones. Characteristics (demo + exercise)
o    Control of fire and its effects (demo)
o    Correct application and lighting of the moxa (with moxa lighting incense) (demo)
o    Shiunko application (demo)
o    Dosage and rhythm of application (demo)
o    Contraindications and recommendations in the application of direct moxa.

Part 2: Palpation + Point Location in Moxibustion
Sunday 7th June 2020 | 4pm-8pm Sydney Time | 8am-12pm Barcelona Time

When we wish to choose a moxa technique and link it with a point, we need to understand first the nature of the technique (design and effects) and second, the characteristics of the point (as when we want to open a door with a key- the right key opens the lock, then the door can be opened). During this webinar, we will explore the different palpation methods for Chinetsukyu and Tonetsukyu, where on the body (location) to find ‘live’ moxa points, how to find them to improve your clinical success, and how to correlate your findings with diagnosis and treatment.
o    Different palpation methods in Japanese moxibustion
o    How to palpate correctly to determine which moxa technique to apply.
o    The ‘living/live’ points.
o    Fascia and moxibustion
o    Correlating diagnostic findings with correct treatment
o    Where to find effective moxa points
o    Strategies of treatment
o    When and why to use moxibustion in treatments instead of acupuncture.
o    Triangle theory

It’s with pleasure that we invite you to be part of these unique training programs, and we look forward to your rapid improvement in clinical results!

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Peter Scarselletti