Free Webinars Chinese 29 April English 30th April

StartTime: Wed 29 April 2020 8:00 pm
Location: Webinar

Topic: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to differentiate and address coughing

Presenter: Szenan Phua

Date: 30/04/2020

Time: 8-10pm


CPD AcNZ Approved 2 CPD

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  1. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat Coughing.
  2. 1.What is Coughing?
  3. 2.Case discussion of coughing
  4. 3.What are the treatment strategies for Coughing? (Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diet, emotional therapy, etc.)
  5. Apart from Chinese medicine and acupuncture, what can patients do at home?

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Please note that if you do both the English and Chinese Webinars for the same topic you can only count it once for CPD.


主题: 4月免费网课针灸和中药辩证治疗咳嗽主讲: 小潘医师
日期: 29/04/2020
时间: 8-10pm

费用: 免费报名: 学分 AcNZ 批准 2 CPD 讨论内容:

1. 针灸和中药治疗咳嗽
2. 什么是咳嗽?
3. 咳嗽案例讨论
4. 咳嗽治疗策略(中药、针灸、饮⻝、情志疗法。。。。)

5. 除了针灸中药,病人在家可以做什么呢?

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