Chinese medicine: Diabetes & High blood pressure

StartTime: Tue 18 September 2018 7:00 pm
Location: Auckland

East Auckland Study Group


Date:      Tuesday  18 September 2018

Time:      7 pm to 9 pm

Venue:    Highland Park Community House, 47 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Auckland 



1. Chinese medicine. Diabetes treatment.  解密有 “ 个性”的糖尿病  糖尿病治疗的新理念,新方法。(Decoding the diabetes with character, Treating diabetes by new concepts and new ways)

2. Chinese medicine. High blood pressure treatment. 千年智慧降压法,名老中医教你降压。养生堂节目录像 (Reducing blood pressure with thousand year’s wisdom, Teaching you how to reduce blood pressure by famous experienced TCM practitioners, Watching program video from Yangshengtang)


CPD:.     2 Hours             

Language:   Chinese

Cost:         $ 5 

Contact person:   Gina Liu    09 5348458       Do not need to book. All Welcome.