Plus Bonus Fertility Lesson!

StartTime: Thu 06 August 2020 9:00 am
Location: Melbourne

I am super honoured to be able to invite Dr Eileen Han to teach the Balance Method: Core Foundations Track in Melbourne Australia this coming August.

Balance Method Seminar Cover Aug 2020

Presented by: Dr Eileen Han from The Academy Of Acupuncture

Date: 6-9 August 2020

Where: Adina Apartment Hotel Melbourne

CPD: 32 points

Approved by: AACMA, AcNZ

So, if you are wondering why YOU SHOULD take Dr Eileen Han’s Balance Method?

Well, keep reading! 

5 Reasons To Learn The Balance Method From Dr Eileen Han

  1. Dr Eileen Han has been Dr Tan’s closest direct disciple since 2005. She worked directly with Dr Tan in his clinic for 10 years.
  2. Dr Han runs one of the largest acupuncture clinics in San Diego and treats an average of 50 -70 patients per day using the Balance Method. She is not only an effective teacher, but she also understands how to enhance the business aspect of acupuncture by using the Balance Method
  3. She participated in over 300 classes from Dr Tan
  4. Dr Han has been teaching the Balance Method and other advanced courses for the past 5 years, over 50 Balance Method classes taught all over the world.
  5. As a director of the Academy of Acupuncture,  she is responsible for passing on the highest quality of the Balance Method instruction.

Bonus Specialty Fertility Lesson

Awesome news! As an extra bonus to honour Dr Richard Tehfu Tan’s 5th memorial anniversary, Dr Eileen Han will unveil her highly successful fertility Balance Method, Traditional Chinese herbs and auricular acupuncture protocols. 

For the first time EVER, Dr Eileen Han will reveal her unique fertility method to the Australia & New Zealand acupuncturist community.

This means an Extra 4 HOUR BONUS lesson... click here to learn more about this once-off opportunity

Some Highlights Of Dr Eileen Han’s Balance Method

Seminar with Workshop Spin

Learn the basic knowledge of the Balance Method... practice on fellow students with Dr Eileen Han's personal instruction. 

Small class teaching

Personal instruction from Dr Eileen Han guaranteed, with a limit of 40 students

Hands-on practical

Practice locating each point in groups and receive needling technique instruction from Dr Eileen Han to achieve maximum results.

Live demonstration

After the core material lecture, transform theories & lectures into an "acupuncture 123 show" with Dr Eileen Han. Emphasis increased learning efficiency through visual input.

What You Will Learn From This Course

  • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to resolve imbalances, using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment
  • Apply the Taiji Dynamic Structure to treat functional diseases and whole-body pain
  • Discover a logical Three-Step Strategy to immediately and effectively treat localised symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling, or burning
  • And a whole lot more... click here to get 8 more reasons to take this course.
Who Should Attend Dr Eileen Han’s Balance Method Core Foundation Track?

If you are an Acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner, TCM student or other healthcare practitioner and you want to produce instant results for your patients using the Balance Method click here to learn more. 

Course Structure

All sessions include intensive lectures, hands-on practicals and live demonstrations... to learn more about the 4-day course structure click here 

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Your #1 colleague, 

Scott Ling

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PSS: Check out what Dr Eileen Han’s students have to say below???? 

“Dr Eileen Han and the teachers of The Academy of Acupuncture (TAA) are doing a wonderful job of honouring Dr Richard Tan’s legacy by teaching Balance Method Acupuncture in an easy to learn and practical way."

Lindsay Trottier, DACM LAc.

San Diego CA, USA. 

"In classes, I’ve told many other senior students of Dr Tan that Dr Han actually teaches BETTER than Dr Tan did... Dr Tan guided her in practice and primed Dr Eileen Yue-Ling Han as his number one student to properly teach The Balance Method....I am forever grateful for you and Dr Richard Tan.”

Anna Dolopo.

Mission Viejo CA, USA.