Speakers: Sarah Miao & Mansfield Lam

StartTime: Sat 27 April 2019 9:30 am
Location: Auckland

A, Date: 27 April 2019 (Saturday) or 28 April 2019 (Sunday) either

– This one-day seminar will be delivered on 27 April and 28 April for the same course content. Therefore you can still attend this seminar if you are busy on either day.


Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm,

Place: 99 Gillis Avenue, New market, Auckland. Auckland Table Tennis Association,

Presented by: Sarah Miao & Mansfield Lam, DDS-Meridian-Massage-Technique-one-day-seminar-Auckland-on-27-April-Saturday-or-28-April-Sunday-Speakers-Information-either2.pdf

Organised by: DDS massage Limited,

Fee: NZ$50 per head included working lunch,

CPD hour approved: 6 hours (Total on seminar time is 6.5 hours excluding 0.5 hour lunch time.)


Seminar main contents:

1, Healthy well-being concept review, with Eleven fishes story.

2, Principle of DDS meridian massage.

3, Contraindication and Reaction after treatment as well as QNA.

4, Manipulations demonstration. 

5, Trial section, pre-booking is requested.


B, Briefing the back ground of the DDS meridian massage:

The DDSs meridian massage technique (DDS massage) has been promoting/working in China more than 10 years and which related equipment and materials had been certified by FDA(US Food and Drug Administration)in 2017. 

The DDs massage has been promoting to US, Europe, Russia and Asia major countries by last few years. Promoting in Auckland is around 6 months which has been drawing attention by TCM, Physiotherapy and Chiropractor.


C, Main features of DDS massage: 

Integrate Acupuncture, Cupping, Guasha, Massage and so on technical advantages as one.

Instantly dredge meridian channels.

Dispel wind, cold and dampness.

Stimulate self-healing capability.

Regulating humoral acidification.


E, Major speakers:

Sarah Miao, NZ qualifies TCM.

Mansfield Lam, Director of DDS Massage Ltd. 


Seminar $50 per head deposit account is:

DDS massage Ltd. 

ASB bank A/C no. 123061000262800


Seminar contact person:

Mansfield Lam

DDS massage Ltd.



WeChat address: “+8618138106388”. Please contact Mansfield Lam directly for bookings and enquiries.