Jane Grofski sharing her precious knowledge

StartTime: Tue 17 October 2017 7:00 pm
Location: Christchurch

Upper Riccarton Library – 71 Main South Road, Sockburn, Christchurch. 7pm. 

Jane Grofski from Equilibrium Health and Wellness Clinic is going to share what studying with JR Worsley (and his wife Judy) was really like. His strict approach to CSOE (colour, sound, odour, emotion), which were his only diagnostic tools for determining the CF (causative factor); his shamanic approach to treating the spirit, including possession treatments; his protocols of starting with AE (aggressive energy) drains, HW (husband wife), possession, and the command points for the patient’s element. She will also share what she learnt about pulse diagnosis from him and levels of treatment, in terms of spirit, mental and physical.

She would like to explain how she used Five Element acupuncture for acute trauma care and PTSD prevention for the search and rescue teams after the Feb earthquake. This has attracted some attention internationally as JR never taught it as a first aid medicine.


Organiser: Robin Kerr

Member Representative