Speaker: Angela Zhang

StartTime: Sun 14 May 2017 11:30 am
Location: Auckland

Language: Chinese/Mandarin

Fee: $20 (pay in the entry.)

Time: 11:45am-4pm 11:30am for registration

Address: The Nz School Of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

382c Manukau Road, Epsom, 1023.

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Approved by Acupuncture NZ (NZRA) for 4 hours CPD

11:30am Registration

11:45-1:45pm Workshop

1:45pm-2pm Break

2pm-3pm: Workshop

CPD: 3 hour



Who is Angela Ning Zhang?

1984 Angela Ning Zhang - Chinese Military hospital nurse

1996 Angela Ning Zhang- founder of Chinerchi Therapy

Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) on 5th Sep 2010

2016  Angela Ning Zhang developed CET Emotional Balance

Angela Ning Zhang was born in Nanjing city, China, and grew up in Dalian city.

Angela received nursing education at Chinese military medical school, and graduated from NZ School of acupuncture & TCM.

Angela worked as a military hospital nurse in several hospitals for over 10 years.

In 1990 Angela immigrated to New Zealand and in 1995 started the Chinese Energy Therapy Clinic.

Angela Ning Zhang is the founder of Chinerchi therapy, pioneers for using non Medicine healing techniques. She is a revolutionary thinker, by putting traditional Chinese medicine and energy healing concepts together to develop a brand new understanding in health care, Chinese energy therapy. 

Chinese energy therapy is practiced and developed by Angela since 1995.



Chinerchi face map reading training

Ancient Chinese Face map reading to identify diseases and internal organs of the health assessment, tailored for the patient to design the best course of treatment

When you are meeting with a new patient, do you want to give patients a comprehensive health assessment from the perspective of Chinese medicine?

Do you want to know how to use TCM theories to help you: to fully evaluate the patient do internal organs function?

Do you want your patient's eyes and your eyes to be able to see the same thing and help him understand -the root of his illness and treatment goals with you to generate a consensus?

If you not able to use a treatment to relieve the patient's pain, have you ever thought of designing a course for the patient but not knowing how to design it?

Do you want to know how to deal with a patient if you already have a course of treatment for a patient, a patient who not understand and or even refuse?

Do you want to know how to get more than 90% of patients choose to do the course of treatments, so as to achieve the best conditioning effect?

If you answer any of the above questions the answer is "yes".

You must not miss Zhang Ning teacher for our speaker

Ancient Chinese Face map reading to identify diseases and internal organs of the health assessment, tailored for the patient to design the best course of treatment

You will learn from the lectures:

Ancient Chinese face map reading technology,

Communication skills to deal with the patients.

Develop your clinic business and run it more professionally

You will become more confident in the practice of the clinic.

You will learn

How to established image - in front of the patient, you are the professional health expert.

How to win the patient's respect and trust, by use the traditional Chinese medicine’s wisdom.

How to make the patients becomes more positive and co-active, to work with you, to create the best clinic results.

Every patient entering your clinic with some areas of the pain, whether you realize that this disease is behind a viscera energy deficiency, and will be negatively affected other associated organs with deficiency

Giving him a comprehensive health assessment of the internal organs will help you to have a macroscopic and microscopic understanding of the patient's condition and help you to tailor an effective treatment plan.

No physician can solve all the diseases of the patient at once. You want to be a good practitioner, run a successful clinic, give every patient a course of treatment it is necessary.

The effect of treatment depends on the intensity of the treatment and the accumulation of built up of the energy in the patient's body; there must be a certain amount of treatment and a certain time. Through the course of treatment will produce the best conditioning effect.

Angela Ning Zhang has run her clinic for last 22 years. Based at the north shore of Auckland

Angela Ning Zhang - founder of Chinerchi therapy and Chinerchi clinic.

Visit website www.cet.co.nz   and www.chinerchi.com


At Angela’s clinic have more than 90 percent of patients to do course of treatments. We specifically invited Zhang to share her experience and how she can achieve that.

 Chinerchi therapy training course

Ancient Chinese Face map reading to identify diseases and internal organs of the health assessment, tailored for the patient to design the best course of treatment

1. The significance of the overall health assessment of the patient

This is a process to carry forward the ancient Chinese medicine; in-depth understanding of the patient's the whole health process,

While helping patients to build a sense of willingness of that cares about their own health and a longing for the new health that appears after treatment.

A, a comprehensive understanding of the functional status of the internal organs, the correct assessment to guide the acupuncturist to do an individual correct fitted treatment plans for different people.

B, educate patients to understand themselves, understand Chinese medicine, know their the root of the  cause, are relating to the internal organs of energy  deficiency , and patients have a consensus, the patient will be amazed by the wisdom of Chinese medicine,  and developed  a sense of trust on you, while establishing your expert status.

C, the design and implementation of treatment plan.

2. Methods and processes

A, ask the patient, what is your expectation? Record it.

B, introduction of TCM theories to patients, with the view of the macroeconomic awareness.

This is Patient education which allows the patient to understand TCM.

C, A Detailed discussion about patient’s, according to the patient information form records with the health issues. Recommend a suitable treatment plan to the patient.

Continue to educating patients during the process: Chinese medicine is the biggest difference between health and Western medicine is the overall concept of look the body as whole, acupuncture does not cure the disease but support energy flow body can heal it naturally

D, the patient asked: Are you sure to able to help me? Why?

How to win the patient’s trust and to help them to make decision to coming to you?

You need to accumulation the successful cases studies of your past patients and record documents in a professional style presented in front of the patient, so that will be convince the patient to trust you.

3. The particle technic learning, sharing and practice

A, learning technology - see the face of health - to assess the function of internal organs.

That is easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to practice.


B, groups practice, than on stage practice and review of your learning, collective comment

4. How to design a treatment plan?

A, the patient looking for help with one health compliance, you need to view the whole body find out other organs has a relating weakness The patient in addition to being able to relieve some of his body's local pain, and he had an opportunity to restore the whole health.


B, the patient with complex of health condition, a multitude of symptoms, how to outline, to simplify, find what is a key issues of   the main contradiction, and the other problems can be solved.

5. How to encourage patients to along to finished the treatment plan

A, Keep a good record of patient information, photos, video recording. His several of medical report from hospitals or doctors.

B, every time patients visiting clinic, continue to assess, compare the health condition changes.

C, to guide the patient, Use the eyes of experts to see the body of small changes with positive impacted.

D, during the time of the treatment plan, patients must change to the healthy diet, life style and mental attitude.

E, to educate patients to live a healthy life, you need to work on yourself, become an example of a good health and model of well-balanced character, so that people can be convinced.