StartTime: Fri 25 November 2016 3:00 pm
Location: Auckland

Invitation  邀请信

Chinese medicine expert group to visit Auckland and Christchurch Sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (GPOCAO)

For appreciate the overseas Chinese have been supported Guangdong for all the time, and for caring the overseas Chinese health. The Christchurch Guangdong Association and the New Zealand Association of Chao combined to invite the Guangdong Province Overseas Chinese Affairs office to promote the Chinese Traditional Medicine, they will bring the TCM expert team to come to Auckland and Christchurch for overseas Chinese community to provide free consultation and health seminar in November 2016.  November 14 to 20 is the World Acupuncture Awareness Week; that is the promotion of acupuncture by the world Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the global synchronized. 

Schedule for Consultation and Seminar  Mainly Chinese speaking 

Welcome to bring your client or friends to see the experts. 

A: Auckland 


107 Neilson street
, Onehunga, Auckland

Date and Time: 

25/11/2016 Friday,                 3pm – 6:30pm for consultation

26/11/2016 Saturday,              9am – 10:30am for Seminar (Prevention and Treatment of Common Diseases by Acupuncture) CPD 1.5

Acupuncture NZ forum maybe provide interpreting 

Main organizer:  Guangdong  Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (GPOCAO)

Co-organizer:  Christchurch Guangdong Association

                        New Zealand Association of Chao

Sponsor: Acupuncture NZ

Contact person: Thomas Lin 0274756719 (email: 

The TCM expert team members:        

Mr Zhongde Zhang (associate dean of TCM hospital of Guangdong province, Professor, expert of  Respiratory disease),

Ms Xiaolan Qin (director of EM, expert of rescue with Acupuncture),     

Mr Zhenhua Xu (director of Acupuncture department of TCM hospital of Guangdong province, expert of Neurology)      

Mr Yongjin Li (director of Orthopaedic department of hospital of Guangdong province, expert of musculature injury)