Community Group Acupuncture - A practical experience from Kapiti Community Acupuncture Project

StartTime: Sun 07 April 2024 9:30 am
Location: Auckland

Presenter: Jason Bei

Date: 7th April 2024 9.30am to 11.30am

Venue: ①NZSATCM, 32 Manukau Road, Auckland (up to 25 seats) ②Zoom 


Contact person: Lynn Huang

In English 

Bio: Jason Bei. Founder of Kapiti Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic | Community Acupuncture Advocate

Jason is a dedicated advocate for community acupuncture and expanding access to affordable healthcare services in New Zealand. He operates both a private clinic and a community acupuncture project and actively collaborates with local Returned and Services Associations (RSA) to provide specialised care for military members, public security officers, and the broader public.

With a healthcare and community engagement background, Jason specialises in guiding individuals and organisations to launch tailored community acupuncture projects while managing his private clinic. He ensures holistic healthcare access by integrating acupuncture services into existing support networks.

Jason's vision extends to exploring the future of community acupuncture in New Zealand and Australia. He offers insightful analysis and forward-thinking strategies to shape future healthcare systems. Committed to advancing TCM healthcare accessibility and sustainability, he empowers stakeholders with innovative solutions for a more inclusive healthcare future.

With a focus on compassionate care, community advocacy, and visionary leadership, Jason serves as a catalyst for positive change in healthcare accessibility and delivery. Whether you're a healthcare professional, community organiser, or public member, Jason provides invaluable guidance to establish successful community acupuncture projects and shape the future of healthcare