Speaker: Lou Warren

StartTime: Tue 17 September 2019 6:30 pm
Location: Christchurch

Dear Christchurch members


As suggested we have Lou Warren offering an evening of Stems and Branches for our meeting at 6:30pm on Tuesday 17th September. 



For many acupuncturists, Stems & Branches theory was presented briefly during undergraduate study as a set of complex calculations, often involving the Open Hourly Point System (Zi Wu Liu Zhu), rarely if ever applied in day-to-day clinical practice – and only by the very brave!  Stems-and-Branches-Introduction-and-LW-Bio-Tuesday-Christchurch-Tuesday-17-September-2019.docx

This presentation aims to show how readily Stems and Branches can be applied in practice by drawing up an individual’s ‘birth chart’ of energetic constitution based on the Stem and Branch energies of their time of birth. We will explore the significance of these energies, how they can shed new light on our patients’ symptom patterns and suggest new directions for treatment that address current issues while also working with deep respect for an individual’s energetic constitution. As part of our study together we will have the opportunity to interpret the constitutional energies of those attending, if they so wish.


Bio: Lou Warren

Lou has been a student and practitioner of Chinese Medicine for 30 years, initially training in Shiatsu therapy and then following up with degrees in chiropractic, Oriental medicine (acupuncture), and nutritional medicine. She lectured in all these disciplines at UK universities, including leading the teaching of Chinese Medicine at the International College of Oriental Medicine in England, before re-locating to NZ in 2007.


Now firmly based in Te Wai Pounamu, Lou practices from Grassroots Yoga at the Tannery, has two young(ish) children, lives in a Tiny House and is passionate about health, equity, sustainability, community, connection, music and this amazing planet we live on.