16th June Saturday 10am-4pm ACUPUNPUNCTURE for $5

StartTime: Sat 16 June 2018 10:00 am
Location: Kaikorua

Hello from Kaikoura!


Brendan, Allelvia, and Myself (Pie) will be holding an Acupuncture Community Clinic Fundraiser for Guatemala’s Relief Efforts for the displaced and hurt victims of Vulcán Fuego (Volcano Fire). I was born and raised in New York but my blood and roots are Mayan/Guatemalan. My Family lives in Guatemala and are safe. My sister Trish lives in New York City and is one of the founders of the Charity: Gifts and Goals for Guatemala (3GS). She will be holding a fundraiser herself in New York. This massive eruption/disaster has hit me very hard in my heart. The people affected do not have much and I can tell you their hearts are so big. I have to try and do something to help.


Rescue workers are sifting through boiling hot ash for hundreds still missing after Guatemala’s devastating volcanic eruption were sent scrambling for cover as Fuego erupted again yesterday (Tues June 5 2018). The death toll from the catastrophic eruption has risen to 75, with at least 200 people still missing. https://www.express.co.uk/…/guatemala-volcano-update-fuego-…


June 16th Saturday from 10am to 4pm come GET ACUPUNCTURE for $5.00. 


ALL proceeds will be going directly to 3GS. 3GS will then coordinate all donations received for Vulcán Fuego relief efforts. A little goes a long way and we all certainly know that. Especially after what we have been through post Kaikoura 7.8 EQ. 


This is Community Based Acupuncture meaning these are seated treatments and you will be in the same room as others receiving Acupuncture. Even if you don’t want to be treated but wanted to see what Acupuncture is about come along with questions, a smile and a donation of $5.00 or MORE <image001.jpg>:).


You can also make a direct donation here:


Much Love, Brendan, Allelvia & Pie.

Kaikoura Community Acupuncture Clinic (8 Ludstone Road, Kaikoura)

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