In this 3 day seminar, you will learn how to understand blood test results

StartTime: Fri 11 November 2022 9:00 am
Location: Auckland

and use that knowledge to refine your clinical skills and get better patient outcomes. We will spend 3 days deep diving into the standard blood tests that all your patients have had done, exploring what they mean from the medical, functional and Chinese medicine points of view. This seminar is suitable for experienced practitioners, new graduates and final year students.

Topics we will cover include:

- Electrolytes and Urea

- Liver Function Tests

- Lipid Studies

- Full Blood Evaluation

- Blood Glucose

- Cardiovascular Markers

- Iron Studies

- Thyroid Function

- Female Hormones

- Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphate

- How To Use These Results in Clinic

- Which tests are most relevant to Chinese Medicine practitioners?

- How to turn these results into a treatment protocol

- Monitoring patient progress and change in symptoms

- Red flags, when to refer When To Test, When Not To Test

- Cost vs outcomes

- Clinical efficacy vs complete clinical information

- Chinese medicine diagnosis vs Western medicine diagnosis

dates, times: Friday 11th - Sunday 13th November 9am-5pm

presenters name/organiser/contact person: Dr Clare Pyers BHSc(TCM), Cert Adv Clin Prac(China), Chinese Medicine Practitioner

P 03 9013 1777

M 0407 107 908



Clare Pyers is valued for her ability to integrate the approach between Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern scientific theories, her open hearted approach and generosity of knowledge, and for her ease in translating gracefully between the two paradigms. 

Venue: L1, 32 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 

CPD approved: Approved by Acupuncture NZ for 21 CPD points

Costs: A$750.00