East Auckland Study Group

Cancer is only a chronic disease

StartTime: Tue 17 July 2018 7:00pm
Location: Auckland

Topic:     1. Chinese medicine. Cancer is only a chronic disease.  (3). 癌症只是慢性病。(3). .何裕民教授 上海中医药大学 博士生导师 养生堂节目录像

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Auckland study group

Discussion of five movements and six climates

StartTime: Tue 24 July 2018 7:30pm
Location: Auckland

7月24日讲五运六气第三部分,目录如下:. 运气学说— 五运六气浅探(第三部分)briefly discussion of five movements and six climates (part3).  

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Painless Pregnancy, Easy Birthing & Beyond

Simple Natural Ways to Optimize Maternal Enjoyment

StartTime: Sat 28 July 2018 9:00am
Location: Auckland

Painless Pregnancy and Easy Birth & Beyond is the start of the 5 initiations  more on the page online ..

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Food Therapy for Children - Prescription Construction


StartTime: Sat 28 July 2018 6:30pm
Location: Auckland

Presenter; Sony Ambudi

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Acupuncture NZ Conference and AGM August 2018

Innovate, Integrate and Motivate

StartTime: Fri 10 August 2018 9:00am
Location: Wellington

To be held at the  Te Wharewaka O Poneke, 2 Taranaki Street, Wellington for the 10th, 11th and 12th August 2018.

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