Advisory Panel announced.

The Ministry of Heath today announced the names of those who will make up the Advisory Panel for the Natural Health Products Bill. We are very pleased that NZRA Council member, Bozhao Albert Zhang, has been named as one of the panel members.


One of our main concerns when we made our submission to the Ministry regarding the regulation of Natural Health Products was that Chinese Herbs be specifically considered from a Chinese Medicine perspective, quite separately from Western Medical Herbs. Having Albert as one of the panel members will ensure that our voice is heard.

The panel will be chaired by Dr David St George, Chief Advisor - Integrative Care from the Ministry of Health. Those who have attended the NZRA Conferences in the past few years wll be aware that Dr St George has a very good understanding of the issues faced by our profession.

Other memers of the panel are: Alison Quesnal, Sue Kedgley, Phil Rasmussen, Jennifer James, Jaine Kirtley, Shaun Holt, and Percy Tipene.

NZRA will offer strong support to Albert in his role as a panel member in order that we ensure the very best outcome for the profession of Chinese Medicine.