NZRA and NZRTCMP applied to the Ministry of Health for Chinese Medicine to be included under the HPCA Act(2003).

NZRA has received a letter from the Director of Health Workforce New Zealand, Dr Graeme Benny, regarding our application for inclusion under the HPCA Act.

Dr Benny has informed us that "Health Workforce NZ is unable to commit resources to progressing the application during this calendar year."

We made this application in 2010. Initially we were informed that we could not progress due to the review of the Act which may lead to changes in the structure of the Regulatory Authorities. We were then told that no decision would be made before the 2011 election. The expert panel appointed by the Ministry of Health agreed that Chinese Medicine does meet the criteria for inclusion under the Act. In 2012, Chinese Medicine was brought in under the equivalent Act in Australia - the criteria for inclusion are the same in both countries.

The second review of the Act has now been completed, even though the recommendations from the first review had not all been implemented. It has been suggested that combined Regulatory Authorities be formed but this has met with great resistance form many of the professions affected.

Chines medicine remains in limbo. The only consolation can be that we are not the only profession affected. Two other professions who applied at a similar time have received the same letter from Health Workforce New Zealand.

Read Dr Benny's letter here.