Community clinic open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 1pm. No appointment necessary - just come along.

Free Acupuncture Community Clinic for Trauma and Stress.


8 Ludstone Road. Ludstone, Kaikoura (on the corner of SH1)

No Appointment needed. Just come on by.

After the 2011 Christchurch quakes, Piedad Barillas and Brendan Bird opened their New Brighton home and ran one of the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Clinics. They will do the same for as long as needed in their new home in Kaikoura.

Both are fully qualified acupuncturists and are working with Acupuncture NZ to provide this service to the people of Kaikoura. Other practitioners will join them as time goes on and access to Kaikoura gets easier.

Acupuncture has been used extensively throughout the world to assist in dealing with the aftermath of natural disasters. It is also used by the American army for treatment of those who serve in the various war-torn areas of the world.

Again - these are free sessions. Those who attend will be seated and have very fine needles placed in specific points on the ears and in a relaxing atmosphere. Its a place to vent, feel safe, tell your stories, share with fellow residents and feel cared for.