14 April 2019

Currently we are still on Alert Level 4 here in New Zealand and no acupuncture clinics are able to be operational other than via Telehealth. By way of Telehealth consultations, Acupuncture NZ members are still able to provide assistance to their patients through providing guided assistance to the use of moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, application of press needles, and acupressure. Essentially the only thing not possible is the application of acupuncture needles. Chinese herbal medicine may still be prescribed as several of our suppliers have now been added to the Essential Businesses list and can courier or mail prescriptions directly to patients, whilst still invoicing practitioners.

The Acupuncture NZ Council is keeping up to date with information being provided by the Ministry of Health and will continue to send out frequent newsletters directly to members, as has been the case since we first learned about Covid-19. It is expected that later this week an announcement will be made regarding whether or not the whole country will be moving from Level 4. It could be that some parts of the country may drop to Level 3 whilst some stay at Level 4 but until the announcement is made we are simply crystal ball gazing.

When it was first announced, Level 3 included the stipulation that there were to be no face-to-face health consultations. If this remains in place then it could still be several weeks before Acupuncture NZ members are able to open their clinics.