A dedicated group of NZRA practitioners spent a very busy three days providing acupuncture treatment and massage to many Aucklanders throughout the last weekend of February.

The Chinese Lantern Festival was held in Albert Park over the weekend of 27 February - 1 March. Following the lead of our members in Christchurch who have worked at their Lantern Festival for the past five years or so, a group of Auckland  practitioners spent the weekend providing treatment to anyone who wanted to try it - many for the first time ever.

We set up two treatment tables and a number of chairs for seated neck and shoulder massage and were steadily busy for the entire weekend. In addition to providing actual treatment we also handed out many "Introduction to Acupuncture" flyers and directed members of the public to NZRA practitioners in their own local areas.

The weekend was a great success and we will certainly be repeating the exercise again next year.

Photos from the weekend can be seen on the NZRA Facebook page. Click here to view.