This year Acupuncture NZ celebrated 40 years of acupuncture in this country. From the very first meeting of only eight practitioners, we now have more than 600 members providing quality care to all New Zealanders. The conference was  held at Te Wharewaka on the Wellington waterfront and hosted some outstanding presenters from New Zealand and Overseas.

Acupuncture NZ is very grateful to Professor Charlie Changli Xue, Professor Xiao Chuan Pan, Mel Hopper-Koppelman, Dr John McDonald, Professor Caroline Smith, Vardi Benesh-Ravivhas, Dr Debra Betts, Henry Su, Phillip Mettrick, Kate Roberts, Dr Mike Armour, Soojin Choi, Dr Ben Gray, Robin Kerr, Phillip Jamieson, Scott Pearson, Dr Jessica Li Feng, and Liz Ruatoto.

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