Autumn Dryness (Qiu Zao)

StartTime: Sat 16 August 2014 4:00 pm
Location: Overseas


16th & 17th August 2014

2pm-5pm Melbourne 4.00pm-7.00pm New Zealand both days (6 hours)

Wen Bing Treatment Strategies for Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders:

Autumn Dryness (Qiu Zao)



Presented by

Dr. Greta Young Jie De



This is the last of our  5 weekend webinars discussing Wen Bing theory and formula patterns and their practical application in the treatment of contemporary diseases.  Series #5 is focused on the Wen Bing pattern of Autumn Dryness or Qiu Zao mainly associated with upper respiratory tract infection characterised by dryness and fluid depletion. This webinar will enable you to apply the principal formulas of Wen Bing with confidence and accuracy in order to bring greater efficacy to your clinical treatments.  You will learn about:   

·      Autumn Dryness: aetiology, pathogenesis and treatment

·      Treatment Strategies for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection due to dryness.

·      Clinical applications of : Sang Xing Tang, Xing Su San and Qing Zao Jiu Fei Tang

·      Warm Toxin theory and treatment strategy

·      Chinese Medicine Treatment of Herpes Zoster based on the warm toxin theory

·      Clinical concept and application of “Lifting the Teapot Lid” strategy in the treatment of diseases.


Dr Greta Young completed her Masters in Wen Bing research under the supervision of  Professor Kong Guang Yi 孔光一 at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1997. In 2006 she was conferred with a PhD in Shang Han Lun after studying under the supervision of Professor Fu Yanling 傅延龄 . 

Dr Young is the foremost scholar in classic literature of Chinese medicine in Australia, and a much revered teacher, having lectured at Victoria University (VU), the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT University) and Southern School of Natural Therapies, from 1998 to 2010.  In 2009 Greta and her co-author Robin Marchment published Shang Han Lun Explained, a translation and discussion of Zhang Zhong Jing’s classic work. In 2011 she was appointed Foreign Expert by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and now lectures in classic literature at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Her clinical practice focuses on the treatment of emotional disorders using Chinese medicine. 




Lionel Chan is hosting the webinar. 

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To confirm attendance and earn the 6 CPE points, participants must complete a short quiz at the end of the webinar. Once the quiz is completed, a digital certificate will be issued.  

For those wishing to attend live, the venue is:

 RMIT University, Bundoora Campus,         

Plenty Road, Bundoora.

Building 202, Level 4, Room 41.


Please arrive by 1.45pm to avoid disturbing the live streaming of the webinar.

The room capacity is limited to 35 so please register early to avoid disappointment.


Approved for 6 CPD hours



Ø  Students: $60 for the two days (16th 17th August 2014)

Ø  Practitioners:  $120 for the two days of each weekend webinar

Ø  Practitioners:  $600 for the full series of 5 weekends

Ø  Advance payment for the full series of 5 weekend webinars will attract a 10% discount

Ø  Advance payment of Series #5 and Series#1~4 replay will attract a 10% discount



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