StartTime: Sat 10 August 2013 9:00 am
Location: Wellington

Event Details:

One day introduction to TRE: Saturday 10th August 0900 to 1700, $169 Early Bird, $199 full price

Level 1 TRE training*:  Saturday 10th August 0900 to 1700, Sunday 11th and Monday 12th, 0830 to 1600 , $499 Early Bird, $599 full price

Location: Wellington Irish Society,
10 Fifeshire Ave,

TRE is a body- based process that invokes the body’s natural, neuro- physiological mechanism of recovering from stressful and traumatic events. This mechanism is called neurogenic tremoring.

"Helplessness is a universal state for people overwhelmed by traumatic stress. Gaining control of their symptoms, their body, and their life is an essential part of the healing process. Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, TRE, are powerful tools to achieve this. I have personally used David Berceli’s TRE and have taught them to friends and patients with remarkable results."

—Robert Scaer MD, Author of the Body Bears the Burden: Trauma Dissociation and Disease


Registration Website / More Details . Contact Stephanie Combe, email: . Phone 03 443 5878

* Further supervision hours are required to certify as a TRE trainer, see website for details. The Early Bird price is still available to NZRA members until end July.