Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

StartTime: Sat 03 March 2012 5:00 pm
Location: Overseas



The last of  this popular series of afternoon lectures by Will Maclean, this lecture will present an in depth discussion on BU ZHONG YI QI TANG. A deep understanding of this essential formulae is vital for effective practice, especially in treating compli­cated disorders. Unique material, much of which is not available in textbooks will be presented, with cases where time allows. The formula and its principal variants will be discussed in context of its role in contem­porary practice, and how to utilize them to the highest effect.


TIME: Saturday 5:00 - 7:30 pm New Zaland Time

COST:   Webinar $70.00  Australian Dollars

Approved by NZRA  2 ½  hours CPD

This series of lectures has been a source of incredibly practical and clinically relevant information, necessary in tweaking those difficult and stubborn cases. DON'T MISS THIS LAST ONE!

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About Will

Will Maclean studied Chinese Medicine in Australia and China, and has been in practice since 1987. He is the author, with Jane Lyttleton, of the acclaimed Clinical Handbook se­ries, with Kathryn Taylor of the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, and author of newly published Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs Desk Reference. He has lectured in Australia and New Zealand, the United States, Europe and South Africa, and continues to be actively involved in the development and practice of Chinese Medicine.