New Interactive Webinar Course on Qin Bo-Wei's 56

StartTime: Sat 17 May 2014 2:00 pm
Location: Overseas

A strong advocate for study of Chinese Medicine classical texts and deeper appreciation of underlying theory, many of his most important ideas were not adopted. Consequently much of the foundation that Dr Qin thought was so important is missing in what we learn today.


Led by Jason Blalack, who studied under Dr Qin’s pupil, Wu Bo-Ping, this advanced course is designed for experienced and aspiring herbal practitioners seeking to learn:


* The foundation required to diagnose clearly and fluidly;  
* A method to continually grow beyond the basic zang-fu pattern structure, and integrate advanced classical knowledge into your practice;
* A capacity for precise herbal prescription through writing smaller, individualised, targeted formulas;
* Clinical skills refinement through case mentorship and analysis, via interactive videoconference


To gain a deeper understanding of the course and its benefits, watch the 5 minute introduction from Jason himself here:

You will also be able to register for a free 90-minute course overview, telling the story of who Qin Bo-Wei was and why Treatment Methods are so important to getting the most effective clinical results.


Approved for 3 CPE per class, 30 CPE in total

Preapproved with AACMA, ANTA and NZRA

STREAMED LIVE to your home or office throughout 2014, with
REPLAY ON DEMAND with unlimited viewing until May 2015

Next session: Saturday 17th May 2014
9am – 12pm Melbourne time11am – 2.00pm New Zealand Time

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