Live webinar

StartTime: Mon 25 March 2013 5:30 am
Location: Auckland

Four leading women experts in acupuncture and TCM for pregnancy share their knowledge and clinical experience supporting women throughout their pregnancy.

Sarah Budd: Acupuncture for the treatment of Nausea, Sickness and Hyperemesis in Pregnancy:
Steams live from 9:30am -11:00am pacific time (California time zone)
This talk will look at the background morning sickness, diagnosis, red flags, advice, support, and treatment both Western and TCM. Research related to these conditions will also be discussed.

Sharon Weizenbaum: Healthy Blood, Healthy Pregnancy:
Steams live from11:00am - 12:30pm pacific time (California time zone)
In this lecture Sharon Weizenbaum will discuss the clinical relevance of healthy blood for women during pregnancy. First we will understand what healthy blood is from a Chinese medical perspective and then learn how to diagnose unhealthy blood. There is a strong relationship between the condition of the blood and many difficulties in pregnancy. We will look at habitual miscarriage, abdominal pain in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia and the diagnostic and treatment methods to treat and prevent theses difficulties.

Claudia Citkovitz: Intervention and Constitution in late pregnancy and birth:
Steams live from 12:30pm - 2:00pm pacific time (California time zone)
A Chinese Medicine view of the actions and side effects of common obstetrical drugs and procedures. Constitutionally, who's most likely to need them, who's most likely to benefit, and who's most prone to which side effects? In birth as in any other clinical department, Yin deficient and Yang deficient patients present very differently and have very different responses to the same medications. Understanding the relationships of Yin/Yang, Qi and Blood to what happens in labor can not only benefit our practice, but also our ability to communicate with Western practitioners in a way that makes them curious rather than threatened or turned off. Major obstetrical interventions will be covered, along with their indications, warning signs, and TCM options for prevention, treatment, and postpartum recovery. Included will be: Cerclage/bed rest for 'incompetent cervix', Terabutiline/Magnesium Sulfate for prematurity and preeclampsia, cervidil/cytotec and Oxytocin for induction and augmentation of labor, membrane sweep and/or rupture for hurrying up the birth process, and Cesarean section.

Debra Betts: Acupuncture in early pregnancy: Supporting implantation:
Steams live from 2:00pm -3:30pm pacific time (California time zone)
While an increasing number of acupuncturists are becoming involved in fertility practice many remain uncertain about best practice when it comes to offering acupuncture as a treatment to support implantation in time immediately post treatment and first few weeks of a possible early pregnancy. In light of research demonstrating that acupuncture delivered 2 -3 days post embryo replacement did not show beneficial effects, but rather resulted in increased early pregnancy loss, this is an area of practice that deserves close examination. Although the physiology of implantation and early pregnancy is not yet fully understood within western medicine, the existing knowledge around the requirements for successful implantation with the current acupuncture research offers acupuncturists an integrated approach to providing care. This approach of offering women an active treatment plan post fertility treatment is an area of acupuncture practice that has potential to develop as currently there is only a "wait and see approach" within western medicine