Featuring Master Acupuncturists Kiiko Matsumoto, M

StartTime: Tue 09 December 2014 9:00 am
Location: Sydney

With a great deal of thanks to Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto and Master Acupuncturist Tsuyoshi Shimamura, we are able to access the teachings, theory and techniques left behind by Master Nagano, which these visionary practitioners continue to refine and develop throughout the years. Furthermore, with the assistance of FIKSA/KSA Instructor, Monika Kobylecka and KSA/Nagano Style Acupuncture Interpreter and teaching assistant, Seishiro Hokazono we are able to maximise our learning outcomes.


This multi-seminar series presented by Qiology will run over 9 days from 9th to 17th December 2014 and  is designed to cater for differing needs of practitioners and students who have studied Kiiko Style Acupuncture (KSA) and those who have not yet commenced studies in this style of Acupuncture. To be held at varies locations in Sydney.



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