Toyo Hari Medical Association

StartTime: Thu 07 May 2020 9:00am
Location: Wellington

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In May 7-10th 2020, Toyohari New Zealand is running the first of 5 weekends (May 7th-10th, June 4th-7th, June 25th-28th, August 13th-16th, September 10th-13th) in the foundations of Toyohari Japanese Acupuncture in Wellington (CBD Physio. Level 5, 139 Featherston St.)

Toyohari is an acupuncture style that was developed by blind practitioners from the Japanese Meridian Therapy School. It is based on Five Phase theory as described in the Chinese medical classics and concentrates on assessing the balance of Qi in the channels. Diagnosis is based on the Four Examinations with an emphasis on abdominal and meridian palpation and six position pulse assessment.

Constitutional or Root treatment focuses on re-balancing the Qi flows in the channels with very subtle needling techniques. Supportive and symptomatic treatments reinforce the root treatment using a variety of methods including moxa, extra-meridians, midday-midnight techniques, cupping and traditional shiraku.

The course is very hands-on, and learning is accelerated by the Kosato method using precise immediate feedback from the patient’s pulse and abdominal responses.

Teacher Dr Ted Pearson

After qualifying in medicine Ted completed a 3-year acupuncture training in 1979 at the ICOM under Van Buren. He also studied with Kaptchuk, Maciocia, and Hammer.

In 1991 Ted joined the Toyohari Association completing their basic and later teacher training. He regularly attends annual Toyohari summer schools in Tokyo and Australasian meetings with visiting Japanese teachers. Assistant teacher Anne Macann (Toyohari trained 14 years and PAANZ member)

The cost of this course is $4500 which includes 20 days of Toyohari Foundation training and first year registration with the New Zealand Branch of ABTA (Australasian Branch of Toyohari Association). Also a yearly educational newsletter and subsidized ongoing training in NZ with the opportunity to train in Australia and Japan with Sensei’s.

If you are interested in this course please contact Jane Scoular (021 194 4997) or Anne Macann (0274 705 055)

Both of us have been practising Toyohari now for years along with our normal physio treatments in private practice. It is a great adjunct and can be used for anyone with all sorts of issues. I use it a lot for treating the Royal NZ Ballet dancers who find it invaluable alongside traditional physio treatment.Both of us are very happy if you want to contact us to see what it's all about !