With Soma Glick

StartTime: Sat 01 September 2012 9:00 am
Location: Mt Maunganui



Saturday & Sunday September 1st and 2nd 2012

9.00am to 5.30 pm each day

First we will take a fresh look and learn how to diagnose each of the 5 main roots of our human tree:

  • The kidney essence: Functions of reproduction and development, body temperature, body defense and anti-stress mechanism.
  • The nutrient Blood: Functions of digestive tract, pancreas and liver.
  • The Qi or energy: Functions of external force: muscular-skeletal system and internal force: respiratory, circulatory, digestive and uro-genital systems
  • The Shen or spirit: Functions of central and autonomic nervous system, circulatory system, and thyroid metabolism.
  • Body fluids: Functions of absorption and secretion.

We will look at Shen from the perspective of the 5 elements and recognize how mental emotional disturbances and the physical symptoms associated with them arise.

We will learn to recognize Yin and Yang imbalances and their symptoms, in the 5 elements and in each organ system.

We will identify the major acupuncture points and herbal medicine for each of our main systems and establish treatment strategies to regulate Qi through the 5 elements.


Soma studied a special course on the 5 elements with Dr. Truong Thin in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, in 1995. She integrated into her practice his unique approach and material, with her personal understanding and in-depth studies of the 5 elements from many other sources.


194 Marine Parade, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand,


Early bird, before Aug. 13th: Registered Acupuncturists $380, non registered $420, students $280
Full fee, after Aug. 13th: Registered Acupuncturists $440, non registered $480, students $320

  1. By direct deposit or wire transfer:
    National Bank, Mount Maunganui Account No. 06 0379 0142811 00
    Account Name: Mount Acupuncture
  2. Send payments in the form of cheque to: Debbie Karl, 217a Valley Road, Mount Maunganui, Postcode 3116

For more information and for registration please contact: Debbie Karl, Telephone: 07 574 4978, email: consciouspregnancy@gmail.com


Approved by NZRA for 15 hours of CPD