CMCNZ and acupuncture seminar (3) Speaker Hai Xia Ni 倪海厦 针灸讲座. (3)

StartTime: Tue 17 October 2023 7:00 pm
Location: Auckland

Topic 1

Ren jie will talk about the registration process of cmcnz. Helping members go through the process of registration. And answer questions about the registration process.

He will also talk about the cpd requirements under the cmcnz for the future.

Topic 2 : acupuncture seminar (3)

Speaker Hai Xia Ni 倪海厦

针灸讲座. (3) 

Date. Tuesday 17 October , 2023 

Time: 7pm to 9 pm 

Venue: Highland Park Community Centre 

 47 Aviemore Drive, Highland Park, Auckland

CDP: 2 hours

 Cost: $5

 Language: Chinese

 Do not need booking, all welcome

Organiser: Gina Liu