A unique chance to train with a True Master of Chi

StartTime: Thu 31 July 2014 8:30 am
Location: Wellington

Dr. Tan's Balance Method gives you access to zillions of acupuncture points although you don't need to remember any!

Dr. Tan's crystal clear 3-steps Strategy provides a logical basis for accurately selecting the precise acupuncture points that will give Instant Results.

No need to wait until the next visit! Immediately check  the clinical results with your patients and gain their trust!



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Core Foundations Track: NEW!! + demo, + case studies !           

·         Day 1:   9H-17H: Clinical Wonders with acupuncture 1,2,3

·         Day 2:   9H-17H: Clinical Wonders in Practice. Prerequisite: Day 1

·         Day 3:   9H-17H: Global Balance for Functional Disorders. Prerequisite: Days 1 & 2

·         Day 4:   9H-17H: Global Balance in Practice. Prerequisite: Days 1 & 2 & 3


Website information:                                                                     

o    # Video demonstration: http://www.tanwubian.com/video-demonstration/

o    # Testimonials  from worldwide participants and practitioners of Dr. Tan's Balance Method: http://www.tanwubian.com/feedback/

o    # Class insight: two 30min videos: http://www.tanwubian.com/class-insight/

o    # Frequently Asked Questions : http://www.tanwubian.com/f-a-q/

Wellington: July 31st to August 3rd                                          

·         # Register now !  http://www.tanwubian.com/acupuncture-trainings/wellington/

·         # Because we want to offer all practitioners a chance to discover the extremely effective Dr. Tan's Balance Method we created "Days 1&2 Trial": register to Days 1&2 Trial and pay cash in the morning. Should you not like the class we refund you 100% during the first morning break (10h30). That's how confident we are of the high quality of our training!

·         # Location: New Zealand school of Acupuncture, Level 10, Willbank building, 57 Willis Street, CBD, Wellington City

·         # Discounts for NZRA members. Please check the website for more information.


# The teaching starts at 9h00 and finishes at 17H00 every day. However, we kindly ask ALL participants to come to the classroom at 8h30 every morning for the final registration process.


# Approved by NZRA for 7 hours of CPD