Review of Community Clinics

StartTime: Sun 05 June 2011 11:00 am
Location: Christchurch

This will be a good opportunity for all our members to:


 a) find out what has been happening in the free clinics

 b) express any concerns they may have about the clinics taking  business away from them

 c) discuss the current situation regarding the threat of more large quakes and the effect  this has had on people's anxiety levels

d) discuss where we go from here - keep the clinics running / change the emphasis of  

treatments / refer people elsewhere / ask for donations, etc.


It is thought that the clinics have introduced many people to acupuncture who would otherwise never have experienced it, and the feedback we have had regarding the changes that people have noticed in themselves after treatment has been very positive and rewarding. This will be a good opportunity to evaluate what has been achieved, and think about what we are prepared to do in the immediate future.