StartTime: Fri 18 November 2011 7:00 am
Location: Auckland

Chi Gung & Tai Chi Workshop with Quintin Derham

Friday 18th November         7am to 11am

Bring a plate for breakfast/morning tea.

Dress code ‘black pants white top’ and comfortable shoes.

$60 Open to all. $40 (Senior Citizens/students)

Main room at Ferndale House, 830 New North Road, Mt Albert

We would like to offer chinese medicine practitioners, friends and clients with no experience to learn basic Chi Gung exercises for improving health and dealing with stress. People with Tai Chi and/or Chi Gung experience would also benefit from this workshop lead by nationally recognised teacher Sifu Quintin Derham.

4 Hour Morning guided practise sessions with theory on key principles of practise Each session will be 45 minutes. Opportunity for Theory, questions, discussion and lecture.

Session 1: Standing Chi Gung (Zhan Zhuang - Standing pole) Opening the channels and establishing good posture. - This session will set us up for the rest of the morning. The standing postures begin with quiet standing which works through posture alignment, relaxation and establishes deeper breathing rhythms. I will also introduce some of the l Chuan hand postures which are a complete system of Qi Gung focusing on 8 classic postures.

Session 2: Reeling Silk (Key exercise for moving chi and co-ordinating full body movement) - Reeling Silk or Chan Si Jin is the cornerstone of old Tai Chi. The Chen family or system of Tai Chi chuan is famous for it's silk reeling qualities. Correct reeling silk will stabilise the body and build a strong centre to rotate around.

Session 3: Tai Chi single forms. - Here we can explore some classic Tai Chi forms that are short and enable the practitioner to focus on quality. The previous 2 sessions will enable us to build quality into form as opposed to learning lots of forms that "look" like Tai Chi.

Session 4: Other Neijia (Internal school Chinese Martial Arts - Ba Gua & Heart Will Boxing (H'Sing l) - I have studied Ba Gua Zhang (8 Trigram Palm) and H'Sing l Chuan with Grandmaster Robert Gemmell for many years. These sister arts of Tai Chi are very different in how they generate power, cultivate chi and apply key principles of Chinese philosophy

Contact Basia Smith on 0210788322  or   for further information

Pre-register with payment to: Cheque / Electronic Bank transfer to  bank account 03 1512 0012384 00

Post to: The Treasurer, 7A Tasman View Road, Henderson RD1, Auckland 0781. Or pay cash on the day.