StartTime: Sat 12 March 2011 7:30 am
Location: Overseas

Speakers for 2011

Terje Alraek: Norway
Acupuncture and hot flashes

Stephen Birch: Netherlands
Diagnosis in traditional East Asian medicine: nature, purposes, how to ‘investigate it’ and evidence so far from ‘investigations’ - a summary

Felicity Bishop: UK
Acupuncture for pain: a psychological perspective on patients’ experiences

Marian Fixler & Chloe Sale : UK
A service evaluation of acupuncture provision in a London GP practice

Dr Jens Foell: UK
Complex interventions in primary care: holism, generalism, and the role of stakeholder engagement in primary care

Dr Henry Greten: Germany
The meaning of double-blinding for the future of TCM

Hugh MacPherson: UK
Paradox, doubt and controversy in acupuncture research: there must be some way out of here!

Sarah Price: UK
Acupuncture care for breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: exploring a complex intervention for a complicated experience

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