Mental Health

StartTime: Fri 09 August 2019 9:00 am
Location: Wellington

Conference and AGM 9th, 10th and 11th August 2019  Delegate-registration-form-2019.pdf

The venue will be Te Wharewaka Function Centre and the Rowing Club 2 Taranaki Street, Wellington Waterfront.  


Acupuncture NZ Conference Speakers:

Dr Karen Pilkington – Keynote Speaker   

Karen has spent much of her career searching for evidence. She began her career in the UK National Health Service providing a specialist clinical service and establishing a national medicines information centre.

An innovative role followed, supporting the implementation of evidence-based practice in its early days. She moved into academia to manage a UK Department of Health-funded project assessing the evidence on complementary therapies for long-term conditions.

The therapies included acupuncture, and this stimulated her interest in its potential for anxiety and depression, an interest that has continued.

Karen has published a large number of papers, many of which are highly cited, on various complementary therapies. She is on the editorial board of several journals, has acted as expert and moderator for the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (Council of Europe) initiative on Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices in Europe and is a member of the international advisory board for Cochrane Complementary Medicine.

When not in front of a computer, she enjoys walking, travelling and good food, and watching rugby

Topics: Acupuncture, anxiety & evidence: a road less travelled, Acupuncture for depression: in and out of the shadows and Making sense of acupuncture and mental health research.

Prof Peijing Rong – Keynote Speaker

Doctor of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellow of the University of California, Professor of Pearl River Scholar, Principal Investigator of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Doctoral Supervisor, Postdoctoral Coordinator. The national talents of the "National Talents Project", the state has outstanding contributions to young and middle-aged experts and enjoy the government subsidy of the State Council.

She is currently the deputy director of the Institute of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. She is responsible for the national key research and development plan for the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, and the Beijing Science and Technology Commission's key projects in the field of brain cognition and brain medicine.

In recent years, 163 research papers have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals such as Biological Psychiatry, Brain Stimulation, Scientific Report, Chin Med J (Engl), The Journal of Pain, and Chinese Science, and have been cited more than 800 times. She is the editor-in-chief of 2 academic monographs and 3 editors. As the main researcher, she won 7 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards. She is currently the first executive vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Brain Science, Industry, Education and Research Innovation Alliance, and the Secretary General of the Discipline and Academic Work Committee of the Chinese Acupuncture Association.

Topics:  Acupuncture in treating mental disorders, Electroacupuncture on Auricular Region for Depression --- Basic and Clinical Research and Progress in acupuncture research

David Hartmann

David Hartmann is an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner who lives in Brisbane, Australia. He has been practicing since 1997 and upgraded his qualifications with a Masters of Acupuncture in 2009.
He lectures at the Endeavour College, is a keen researcher and writer whose textbook for the publishing company Singing Dragon titled 'The Principles and Practical Application of Acupuncture Point Combinations' will be released in August-September 2019. He also wrote a textbook titled 'Acupoint Dictionary 2e' published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone in 2009. David has presented at conferences in the USA, Germany and Australia as well as done stand-alone seminars in the USA, The Netherlands, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. 

Topics: Using the 5 spirits and Five element archetypes

Deputy Chief Physician Zhong Wen Wang

Deputy Chief Physician Zhong Wen Wang is currently working Ying Bin Guan, Tianjin City, Guangdong Province and Guang Dong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He is an instructor of Wang Zhong Wen Medical Work Studio., Special Expert in outpatient clinic for difficult diseases. Applying Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Yao technique treating pain, cough, fever, depression (physical and mental disorders) insomnia for more than 30 years.

Topics: Utilising the theory of Zi Wu Liu Zhu Acupuncture and Medication treating mood related illnesses. 

Dr John McDonald

Dr John McDonald PhD is a well-known lecturer and practitioner from Queensland, Australia and researcher for the Acupuncture Now Foundation.  

John McDonald began studying acupuncture in 1971, practice in 1975 and teaching acupuncture in 1977. Since then John has been actively engaged in education, practice and more recently research, completing his PhD at Griffith University in 2015.

John is currently a practitioner in his own clinic on the Gold Coast in Australia, and lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane. John is also an Adjunct Senior-Lecturer in the School of Medicine at Griffith University and Vice-President for Research of the Acupuncture Now Foundation. John has recently co-authored an AACMA publication with Stephen Janz, The Acupuncture Evidence Project, which is an updated review of systematic reviews published in the last three years.

Topic: Fright injures the Gall Bladder: The emotional therapies of Zhu Danxi.

Dr Elizabeth Mangan

Liz Mangan qualified in the UK from Liverpool University in 1992.

20 years later she arrived in New Zealand on an extended working holiday and has never left! Currently she is a GP partner in Christchurch with a specialist interest in Mental health, Women’s Health and Paediatrics.

Last year she took on the role at Pegasus Health as the Clinical Lead for Mental Health is a champion for the improvement of physical health outcomes for people with Mental Health and Addiction Issues. She has two teenage children and enjoys singing in a choir and yoga for restoration of her soul. 

Topic: “Equally Well” - what is it and why does it matter?

Suzanne Tapper. M. (Distinction)TCM

Suzanne has been a TCM practitioner since 1993. Teaching people how to help themselves on the fertility journey forms the foundation of her work. She uses a natural or integrated medicine approach and may also prescribe Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, dietary advice, and lifestyle modification. 

She is currently based in either Singapore or France with her partner and mainly works with her clients online. Susanne will speak on “Addressing male and female mental health may improve fertility treatment outcomes. “ 

Dr Mike Armour

Dr Armour joined NICM in 2016 as a postdoctoral research fellow in women's health. His background is a mixture of western and eastern medicine, having completed an honours degree in Biomedicine before training as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He completed his PhD in 2016 through Western Sydney University. His research areas include gynaecology and traditional Chinese medicine. He is leading a number of projects related to non-pharmacological management of period pain and endometriosis.

Topic: Acupuncture for Depression: A meta-analysis on the impact of dose on depression related outcomes

Iris Pahau

Iris Pahau, is a Tikanga advisor AWE consultants.
AWE specialises in Tikanga Maori advice and developing Maori models of practice for organisations. The Tikanga advisory role assists organisations in their responsiveness to the Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi. This is done through a multitude of ways some of which are:
- assisting organisations implement Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi Governance model

- build the capability and within organisations

- develop and assist in the implementation of Maori models of practice
- assist in the redevelopment of policies and procedures which weaves both Tangata

  Whenua and Tangata Tiriti practices and procedures together similar to that of a whariki
This exciting session of the conference is open to all Acupuncture NZ members whether you are attending the conference or not.  It is a chance to engage in discussions of how the future might look for Acupuncture NZ as we work towards embracing our Treaty obligations and increase our cultural competence as health providers in Aotearoa. 

Topic: Te Wairua o Te Tiriti/The Spirit of the Treaty

Robin Kerr 

Robin Kerr will share the results of her study into this field and share some results that might surprise you. Signposts to help support practitioners now, what practitioners are looking for, what is missing and how can we get there?

This talk on Holding the light- the value of Support -Professional Supervision as a Core practice of practice will help further establish an awareness and orientation for a grass roots approach to developing a practical and purposeful model of professional supervision for NZ acupuncturists. 

Topic: Holding the light- the value of Support Professional Supervision as a Core practice of practice

Sally Flewelling

Sally is an acupuncturist and massage therapist in Wellington, having graduated from NZSATCM in 2012. She runs a small health clinic in the heart of the city. Sally has been teaching yoga teachers about meridians for the last five years and now regularly teaches yoga classes and workshops. She’s passionate about infusing her Chinese meridian knowledge into her teachings - helping yogis discover that they’re already moving their meridians!

She will be attending each day to keep the attendees moving.

Yin-yang class (poses for nourishing the water element), yin-yang class exploring the fire meridians (heart and small intestine to keep water up and moving) and Yin water session with a short yoga nidra.

Kate Roberts, Laura Callaghan, Janine Nana and Serena Joe 

The Acupuncture for Mental Health clinical interest group (AMH) was formed in 2018 following the recommendations from the PhD research of Kate Roberts. These Acupuncture Practitioners who are part of this group will front the Acupuncture for Mental Health Clinical Forum.


Topic: Acupuncture for Mental Health Clinical Forum



We look forward to seeing you at Acupuncture New Zealand Conference 2019